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Book Review

The End of Burnout

by Ashley Holstrom

Thorough in analyzing the history and psychology of work and exhaustion, Jonathan Malesic’s book suggests ways to revamp a system that burns people out. Malesic quit his tenured university position when he realized that the work no... Read More

Book Review


by Kristine Morris

The self-help book "Composure" is an excellent resource for those looking to develop the characteristics that lead to success. Kate Purmal’s insightful self-help book "Composure" tackles impostor syndrome at its roots to help people be... Read More

Book Review

Heart Value

by Melissa Wuske

"Heart Value" is a self-help book that makes joyful living seem like an adventure: exciting, exhilarating, and worth the hard work of getting there. Mary Tess Rooney’s "Heart Value" is a self-help book that empowers people to live with... Read More

Book Review

Swallowed by a Whale

by Peter Dabbene

Established writers and beginners will find practical advice for their crafts and careers in "Swallowed by a Whale". Half of this fresh, exciting book consists of essays, poems, and illustrations, between which are compilations of... Read More

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