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The Founders Plot

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

The Founder’s Plot will grip the hearts and minds of readers as they are swept into a tale of politcal maneuvering by Frank Victoria’s masterful storytelling.

Mike DiGrasso, newly elected governor of California, must address the problem of illegal immigrants. He responds aggressively to protect California’s borders, defying the California Supreme Court and threatening to undermine his longtime friendship with the president of the United States. Meanwhile, the impact of DiGrasso’s legislation is felt on residents of California from many different walks of life.

The dialogue and narrative in the novel mesh well. For instance, in DiGrasso’s conversation with Jason Glenn, chief legal counsel representing California at the Supreme Court on the immigration bill, short sentences and brief phrases like “Sounded like bad news” create a tone of tension and conflict. This is further reinforced by the narration, which uses words like “clenched,” “buzzed,” and “grabbed.”

Victoria’s character development is marvelous, especially the depiction of DiGrasso. The first chapter, a flashback to his years in the military solidifies the audience’s impression of Digrasso by demonstrating his integrity. The author brilliantly shows two sides of a difficult issue by creating rich, warm characters in both camps. DiGrasso is a firm, unwavering, and trustworthy example of the law, while illegal immigration is embodied by the likable and personable characters of Carlos Costellano and his wife, Marisol.

This complexity is created by scenes that demonstrate people at their most vulnerable, in their most unguarded moments. Readers are drawn to Carlos as he sits in his home amidst the “aroma of freshly baked homemade tortillas and the smoky, sweet-sour scent of carne asada.” For DiGrasso, his unguarded moment comes when he slips into bed beside his wife and chats with her about his upcoming inauguration.

The author, a teacher of history and government, clearly has a thorough knowledge of his subject on both the state and federal levels. His background gives the novel credibility.

Overall, The Founder’s Plot is an intriguing and rich novel. The characters, dialogue, and plot will entertain readers, and the constant twists and surprising conclusion will keep them guessing until the end.

Reviewed by Emily Adams

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