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The Consumer Mind

Brand Perception and the Implications for Marketers

Brand marketing could legitimately be considered part art and part science; but it is the latter aspect that is attracting a great deal of attention today, thanks in part to the concept of neuromarketing. As Pepe Martinez explains in his fascinating book, neuromarketing integrates neurology (the study of the human brain), cognitive psychology (the relationship between the human mind and behavior), and marketing.

The author is Managing Director of Millward Brown Iberia, a division of a leading international research agency that specializes in advertising, marketing communications, media, and brand equity research. As such, he has access to breakthrough research and state-of-the-art findings about the use of neuromarketing. He utilizes this information to take the reader on a journey that demonstrates the way the human mind works and relates it specifically to brand marketing.

Martinez makes several observations that readers are sure to find of compelling interest. In his discussion of perception, for instance, he shares examples of how eye-tracking is used to check if what someone says corresponds with the focus of their visual perception. Referring to the “FedEx” logo, Martinez cites evidence from eye-tracking that most individuals focus on the part of the logo where the “d” and “E” meet. He notes that almost no one notices an arrow within the logo, formed in the negative space between the “E” and the “x.” Once people are told about the arrow, though, they can’t help but focus on it. “Their perception of the FedEx brand logo will never be the same,” writes Martinez.

Other areas addressed by Martinez include memory and senses, the emotional impact of brands, and how brands can appeal to a consumer’s sense of happiness. At the end of each chapter, the author offers a “summary of key learning points about brands.” More than simply summarizing the chapter content, the author uses this section to expand on the material by adding a number of relevant points about brands and brand marketing.

Brand marketing is an increasingly popular business book category laden with titles, most of which address the topic from a similar ground-level perspective. The Consumer Mind raises the discussion of brand marketing to a much higher level of understanding. Pepe Martinez not only presents an intriguing discussion of the applications of neuromarketing, he offers important insights into the way in which successful brands make a strong rational and emotional connection with the human mind. This book will be an eye-opening learning experience for marketing practitioners and students alike.

Reviewed by Barry Silverstein

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