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Quantum Orgasm

A Celebration of Woman in the Sexual Freedom of Self

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

Quantum Orgasm has some truly thought-provoking ideas for experienced travelers on the path to self-discovery.

Ruth Evelyn’s Quantum Orgasm explores the unseen reality of the true self. The book is fairly brief, with only a couple of words written on many of the pages. Yet it contains genuine wisdom and a very positive message about being true to oneself.

The intent of Quantum Orgasm is to help women move beyond the roles they are expected to play and to help each individual become aware of her true self as a person with a unique destiny. The book is divided into eight sections, with a total of sixty-four chapters. Each chapter consists of just a few statements about the need for women to look within and find their own internal happiness, rather than looking to relationships and responsibilities in their external life for validation. The book asserts that sexuality is a key component in this process.

Those familiar with the concepts of vibrational energy and the law of attraction will find a great deal that is familiar here, but there are also some unique ideas. The book states that orgasm allows the physical body to merge with the true self. It advises women to pay attention to the everyday actions in their lives and to recognize and stop doing anything that feels wrong, even if someone else benefits from those actions.

Ruth Evelyn writes that the enteric brain, the network of neurons that lines the gut, is the locus of self: “It is the operational mindset within the enteric system that develops the matrix of your relationships. What you see outside of you is a reflection of the neuronet inside of your enteric brain within your colonic system.” There is some scientific evidence to support the idea that the enteric system may play an important role in mental health, and the author’s blending of that concept with spirituality is fascinating.

Though there are a number of interesting passages in this book, there are also many passages that are unclear. For example, the book states: “It is your self that is your personal translator of what your intended destiny is for you to action and the details of your role in the greater evolution of better.”

Additionally, the book talks about the importance of finding one’s true nature, why it is important, and the happiness and freedom that are available to those that do, but it offers little instruction. The author suggests a simple breathing exercise, a specific stretch, and, of course, being self-aware during orgasm, but that is all she offers women looking to find their true natures. More practical steps women can take to find their true selves would increase the usability of the book.

Quantum Orgasm is not a book that one can simply read and walk away from with greater knowledge and understanding. It takes a great deal of personal reflection and thought to understand Ruth Evelyn’s message. Though this is not a book for novices, it provides some truly thought-provoking ideas for experienced travelers on the path to self-discovery.

Reviewed by Catherine Thureson

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