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Presidential Spirit

The True Story of an Airman Who Soared Above His Circumstances and the Woman Who Was the Wind Beneath His Wings

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

The praise-filled biography Presidential Spirit is about a man who served his country well and fought against a terrible disease.

Gina S. Scheff’s Presidential Spirit is a loving biography of her husband, Air Force One Flight Chief David Scheff.

Covering David Scheff’s life from birth to death, the book compresses his early years into a single chapter, and then devotes several chapters to the happy years of the couple’s marriage. David Scheff is presented as a perpetually upbeat and determined man who achieved his career goals before retiring to build a great life for himself and his wife. When David was diagnosed with a rare cancer, the couple faced grueling operations and treatments over several years. And in an effort to help find a cure for the illness, David underwent every possible clinical trial that was offered. The book recalls how he tried to help others who had been diagnosed with the same cancer.

This earnest text is characterized by a wife’s pride in her husband’s accomplishments. Its descriptions display deep love for the subject, with adoring phrases like “his bright blue eyes glistening” and “a big, glowing smile on his face.” It emphasizes that he was a dedicated and loyal worker and asserts on repeat that he provided his wife with a wonderful life. The book comes to function as a stirring tribute that is careful to catalog each and every accomplishment.

The book’s language is clear and consumable, with descriptions encompassing events like a home remodeling project and David Scheff building a barn. Sharp images of such events combine with clear pictures of the couple’s menagerie of animals, a standout Christmas tree, and a massive headstone, carved and etched for David Scheff’s grave.

Most chapters end with photographs of David Scheff in situations described in their texts, further illuminating the events of his life. Some of these photographs include David in his Air Force uniform, standing with the presidents whom he helped fly around the country. Others show him during his chemotherapy treatments, looking robust with a resolute smile. Such images ably cement the impressions made in Scheff’s text. More than a dozen tributes are included in the book’s appendix, reiterating that David Scheff was loved and admired by many people who worked for and with him. These tributes declare that he was a man of integrity and drive whose attitude was always positive and optimistic.

The praise-filled biography Presidential Spirit is about a man who served his country well and fought against a terrible disease.

Reviewed by Jill Beauchamp

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