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Book Review

This Dark Star

by Carolina Ciucci

"This Dark Star" is a fascinating introduction to a talented sixteenth-century astronomer and mathematician. Charles L. Ladner’s "This Dark Star" is the enlightening biography of sixteenth-century astronomer Thomas Digges. Ladner notes... Read More

Book Review

Kapaun's Battle

by Matt Benzing

Written with the flair of fiction, Kapaun’s Battle is the engaging biography of a true war hero. Jeff Gress’s admiring biography of US Army chaplain and Medal of Honor recipient Emil Kapaun, Kapaun’s Battle, records the subject’s... Read More

Book Review

Challenge and Change

by Kristine Morris

The intrafamily biography "Challenge and Change" praises a Christian woman whose wisdom and courage saw her through massive social and historical changes. Drawing from forty journals kept over a lifetime, Allen Hern’s biography of his... Read More

Book Review

Bad Gays

by Michael Elias

Huw Lemmey and Ben Miller’s "Bad Gays" is about prominent historical queer figures whose “evilness” is often overlooked when discussing the history of queer politics, and whose queerness is often overlooked when discussing the... Read More

Book Review

Why Patti Smith Matters

by Jeff Fleischer

Veteran music journalist Caryn Rose became an instant Patti Smith fan at the age of twelve, when she saw Smith appear on Saturday Night Live. Her book "Why Patti Smith Matters" brings that fan enthusiasm to bear, resulting in an... Read More

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