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Book Review

Bad Gays

by Michael Elias

Huw Lemmey and Ben Miller’s "Bad Gays" is about prominent historical queer figures whose “evilness” is often overlooked when discussing the history of queer politics, and whose queerness is often overlooked when discussing the... Read More

Book Review

Why Patti Smith Matters

by Jeff Fleischer

Veteran music journalist Caryn Rose became an instant Patti Smith fan at the age of twelve, when she saw Smith appear on Saturday Night Live. Her book "Why Patti Smith Matters" brings that fan enthusiasm to bear, resulting in an... Read More

Book Review

Memory House

by Amy O'Loughlin

"Memory House" is a subtle, elegiac memoir about love and devotion. L.G. Mason’s ardent and incisive memoir of a marriage, "Memory House", juxtaposes memories of his wife before she developed dementia with the woman she became after... Read More

Book Review

Woman, Watching

by Kristine Morris

"Woman, Watching" is Merilyn Simonds’s account of the remarkable life and legacy of Louise de Kiriline Lawrence, the amateur ornithologist and author who has been called “the Canadian Rachel Carson.” Born into Sweden’s landed... Read More

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