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Book Review

Solar Ashes

by Gail Hoffer-Loibl

"Solar Ashes" is a vibrant science fiction novel about distant galaxies, interplanetary relations, and a person destined for unimaginable greatness. In Jason Bradford’s thrilling science fiction novel "Solar Ashes", a boy discovers his... Read More

Book Review


by Edith Wairimu

"Life" is a varied, personalized spiritual collection that bases its reflections and discussions on Catholic theology. Mary Faith’s religious collection "Life" derives broad biblical themes and meditations from personal devotions.... Read More

Book Review

Raise My Ebenezer

by Aleena Ortiz

In the psychological novel "Raise My Ebenezer", a troubled man is spurred to act against the crooked power dynamics in sex, wealth, and politics. In Richard Gerald Shrubb’s psychological novel "Raise My Ebenezer", a man toils for... Read More

Book Review

God of Mercy

by George Hajjar

In Okezie Nwọka’s dazzling and disquieting novel "God of Mercy", battles between gods reignite a war between religions. Ijeoma, a mute girl in Ichulu, can fly. The dibia, a religious figure of the village, understands this to be the... Read More

Book Review

Perfect Dirt

by Ashley Holstrom

Keegan Lester’s lyrical memoir "Perfect Dirt" concerns what and where “home” really is. The narrative, composed of poetic vignettes, zips between Lester’s childhood in California, his creative tour across West Virginia, his work... Read More

Book Review

Twisted Fairy Tells

by Aimee Jodoin

Approaching classic tales with humor and horror, this is an exhilarating short story collection. The short stories in William Moore’s "Twisted Fairy Tells" put creepy spins on classic tales and characters, from Santa Claus to Pinocchio... Read More

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