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Perceptions in Time

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

This entertaining poetic display captures inner experiences and converts them into meaningful words, with musicality and grace.

Patricia Jamison, a Midwesterner who currently lives in Texas, has been writing poetry for fifteen years. She has now written and published her first book of poems, Perceptions in Time, which represents a culmination of her life experiences. The book is a splendid example of traditional poetry where rhyme and rhythm juxtapose. It is an assemblage of elegant and sensitive contemporary verses laced with reflections connected to the author’s life. The book starts with poems like “The Enchanted Tree” and ends with “Divorced” and “A New Day.”

The poems are innocent and deep, as well as emotionally charged and arresting. Jamison has attempted to capture her innermost experiences and convert them into meaningful words, evoking emotions and visual imagery. Her use of words and phrases helps stimulate a sensory experience. She chooses each word carefully so that both its meaning and sound contribute to the musicality and feeling of the poem. Per example, her poem “Captured” illustrates her style:

A single rose and fountain grass Dew drops captured timeless past
This is nature at its best Beauty seen that’s unsurpassed
Time stands still this moment passed Repeated never exactly as
Eye of beholder has preserved Nature’s beauty view deserved
The only picture of its kind Captured moment for all time

Jamison uses common expressions in original and creative ways to compare objects, making the poem more interesting and meaningful. Overall, her poems are well designed and written with grace. Some of the poems are accompanied by photos. The poem below, titled “Camping,” is superimposed on a delightful image of a camping area where the river connects to the forest trees while a soothing yet fiery orange sunset is reflected. The combination of the picture and the poem will invigorate the reader and possibly bring on a yearning to camp.

Fire built tent is set Orange Sky reflect sunset Around the campfire altogether Stories, jokes, lots of laughter
Sun is down, the stars are bright Moonlight sky lights up the night Croaking toads and fireflies Hooting owl off in in flight
Night breeze chill, it’s getting late Sleeping bag intent does wait Sun comes up, its early rise Campfire coffee opens your eyes

Furthermore, the book’s catchy title provides an immediate impression of the poems within. The title is matched by a charming cover illustration of a quill pen, a piece of parchment, a lit candle, a plant, and a sand clock, establishing the perceptions-in-time theme. In addition, the cover’s orange color and elegant design give the book a sleek and attractive feel.

Perceptions in Time will appeal to a wide audience. It is an enjoyable and entertaining poetic display that will connect readers to their own perceptions in time.

Reviewed by Richard Skaff

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