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Book Review

A Life Cycle

by Carolina Ciucci

Filled with quiet reflections, "A Life Cycle" is a lovely poetry collection that explores the depths of grief and the struggle of healing. Nicole Asherah’s "A Life Cycle" is a stirring poetry collection about grief and healing. The... Read More

Book Review

Searching For Clarity

by Michele Sharpe

The emotions and experiences of a bereaved spouse are at the center of the concise, elegant poetry collection Searching for Clarity. Gene Zimmerman’s poetry collection Searching for Clarity explores the nuances of grief in spare,... Read More

Book Review


by Jeana Jorgensen

The poetry collection "Tempest" alternates between calm and passionate moments, working to convey family and identity anxieties. Ryan Meyer’s poetry collection "Tempest" plays with metaphors and myths, assembling an assortment of short... Read More

Book Review

In Season's Dream

by Mari Carlson

In this original, ambitious, and unexpected poetry collection, the seasons are mined for meaning in verses that impart dreams and share a new perspective on reality. R. Tirrell Leonard Jr.‘s seasonal poetry collection In Season’s... Read More

Book Review

Serendipity and Craic

by Aleena Ortiz

Concerning minor and major historical arcs, the poems collected in "Serendipity and Craic" are variously knowledgeable and humorous. Alan Clegg’s religious poetry collection "Serendipity and Craic" concentrates on historical events,... Read More

Book Review

Lyrics of Love

by Michelle Anne Schingler

The brief erotic poetry collection "Lyrics of Love" tests the bounds of what’s sexy. The piquing and provocative entries of Elvin Blake Primm’s trim poetry collection "Lyrics of Love" test the bounds of propriety. This collection is... Read More

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