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Book Review

The Way You Run in Dreams

by Karen Rigby

"The Way You Run in Dreams" is an attentive, ecopoetic gathering of texts that honors felt and lived experiences with a clear, defined voice. Time and its ravages, absence, and the silent interludes before and after human... Read More

Book Review

Blissful Blues

by Katerie Prior

"Blissful Blues" is a youthful, playful collection that works through a failed romance toward self-discovery. In her heartfelt collection "Blissful Blues", poet Rhea Madan explores youthful love, longing, and loss. The opening poem... Read More

Book Review

My Unsung Soul

by Joseph S. Pete

With its expansive takes on melancholia and romance, "My Unsung Soul" is a soulful and vivacious collection of poetry. Poet Derrick DerRon Holloway embarks on an inward journey through his book "My Unsung Soul", traveling a lengthy... Read More

Book Review

Looking Out from the Inside

by Lillian Brown

"Looking Out from the Inside" is a diverse collection of poems that meditate on intriguing, universal themes. Eleanor Di Blasio’s "Looking Out from the Inside" is an enriching collection of poems that touches on a wealth of human... Read More

Book Review


by Katie Asher

Written with clarity, experimentation, and obvious joy, "Murmurings" is inspirational, full of tiny flashes of simple beauty. Howard Giskin’s "Murmurings" is a hauntingly beautiful compilation. It includes poems, musings on the... Read More

Book Review

The Gifts of Nicholas

by Billie Rae Bates

"The Gifts of Nicholas" is a pretty and exceedingly positive book that will appeal to both believers and nonbelievers. The Christmas spirit comes alive in lush color in James Marion King’s The Gifts of Nicholas. The book is equal parts... Read More

Book Review

The Sand Carriers

by Andrea Hammer

This memorable work makes its mark through its original and eloquent expression of ideas. "The Sand Carriers" is Val Villarreal Jr.’s unadorned collection of poetry. Its poems stand independently and speak strongly on their own, with... Read More

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