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February 1, 2013

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published February 1, 2013. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in February 2013.

Book Review

Philo of Reli

by Wayne Cunningham

This collection of intertwined stories boasts well-imagined characters and fresh imagery. Individuals interested in the intricacies of philosophy, history, literature, and religion will find "Philo of Reli", Nosael Gy Gleason’s... Read More

Book Review

Perceptions in Time

by Richard Skaff

This entertaining poetic display captures inner experiences and converts them into meaningful words, with musicality and grace. Patricia Jamison, a Midwesterner who currently lives in Texas, has been writing poetry for fifteen years. She... Read More

Book Review


A wordless narrative of epic proportions follows a family’s survival as rising tides threaten and then consume their home. Stunning, full-bleed illustrations convey all we need to know about their ordeal: that they make it through the... Read More

Book Review


by Alan Couture

Either his oblivion or the death of his closest friend—it is a terrible choice to make for young Marcus. But better to have never existed than to one day murder his closest friend, and only the Void of Unbecoming can alter the... Read More

Book Review

The Cat Did Not Die

by Leia Menlove

Swedish writer Inger Frimansson is back with a new thriller, "The Cat Did Not Die". After absorbing this psychological descent into madness you may want to rethink how private that summer cottage is. You may even hide your ax. "The Cat... Read More

Book Review

Opcit at Large

by Leia Menlove

John Barr, writer of epic poems or poetic epics (the poetry-illiterate may not draw a distinction), has returned with Book II of The Adventures of Ibn Opcit. This second volume, "Opcit at Large", mires our eponymous poet-hero in more... Read More

Book Review

At Times I Almost Dream

by James Burt

Combining fantasy and reality in fiction is no easy task. Amy E. Yergen’s "At Times I Almost Dream" serves up a world of almost child-like fantasy mixed with heavy adult situations. A collection of short stories, each narrative... Read More

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