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White Lies Matter

by Delia Stanley

"White Lies Matter" is a unique artistic investigation into often-repeated lies about American history. In concert with digital art, the short essays of John A. O’Connor’s "White Lies Matter" convey histories of inequality and... Read More

Book Review

Red Is My Heart

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Antoine Laurain’s experimental novel "Red Is My Heart" is an artful articulation of the discombobulation that follows when a relationship is severed without warning. Written as letters sent into the ether, to a party who does not wish... Read More

Book Review


by Kristine Morris

"Aspirations" is an educational guide that will be a source of encouragement to photographers in the early stages of their own careers. Part memoir, part career guide, photographer Raymond J. Klein’s "Aspirations" aims to help aspiring... Read More

Book Review

Wild Design

by Rachel Jagareski

William Blake’s poetic directive to “see a World in a Grain of Sand / And a Heaven in a Wild Flower” encapsulates the message of Kimberly Ridley’s "Wild Design". Here, the natural structures of mineral crystals, bird nests,... Read More

Book Review

Battle Carried

by Jeremiah Rood

"Battle Carried" is a coffee table book that’s flush with beautiful images; it tells the stories behind Japanese WWII tiger flags. Michael A. Bortner’s fascinating history text "Battle Carried" covers the Japanese tiger art flags... Read More

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