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Forgive Everyone Everything

by Jeremiah Rood

Confronting violence with hope, the illustrated memoir "Forgive Everyone Everything" collects grace-filled moments from a Los Angeles ministry. Gregory Boyle’s inspirational book "Forgive Everyone Everything" is filled with wisdom... Read More

Book Review

The Sandpiper's Spell

by Jeana Jorgensen

Reflecting on the enchantments that nature casts on people, The Sandpiper’s Spell is a beautiful poetic mosaic. Tom Pearson’s The Sandpiper’s Spell contains poems that meditate on nature, life, death, and memory, using language in... Read More

Book Review

The 12-Hour Art Expert

by Jeff Fleischer

Art historian Noah Charney describes himself as “a proponent of making art feel accessible to anyone who is willing to meet it halfway,” and "The 12-Hour Art Expert" accomplishes that mission via an anecdotal, conversational approach... Read More

Book Review

The Art of Symeon Shimin

by Michelle Anne Schingler

"The Art of Symeon Shimin" introduces and contextualizes the paintings of a great twentieth-century artist. A stunning introduction to the work of a sensitive, accomplished, and underlauded artist, "The Art of Symeon Shimin" includes... Read More

Book Review

Be Drag Fabulous

by Danielle Ballantyne

“Condragulations, darlings; it’s time to be fabulous”: so closes the introduction and begins "Be Drag Fabulous", a colorful book brimming with life advice to help you “follow in the heels” of some of the most renowned queens in... Read More

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