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Book Review

Frescoes by the Bay

by Rachel Jagareski

"Frescoes by the Bay" is a two-volume visual tour of the wealth of fresco murals in the San Francisco area. Karen Norton-Sinell provides detailed research and extensive commentary about the frescoes’ history, composition, iconography,... Read More

Book Review

Agnes Martin

by Jeff Fleischer

Agnes Martin got a late start in her art career, struggled with relationships at a time when she couldn’t live openly, dealt with mental illness, and still became an important figure in the art world where her work was a bridge between... Read More

Book Review

Hidden Tapestry

by Jeff Fleischer

Jan Yoors achieved international fame as a tapestry artist in the bohemian New York scene of the 1960s, but that barely qualifies among the most interesting parts of his life. In "Hidden Tapestry", Debra Dean dives into the artist’s... Read More

Book Review

The Telling Image

by Paige Van De Winkle

Stark persuasively draws unlikely connections between skyscrapers and sexism, grid cities and loneliness, the internet and sustainability. Lois Farfel Stark’s "The Telling Image" is a wondrous and sweeping book that accomplishes a... Read More

Book Review

Wonder Beyond Belief

by Meagan Logsdon

This rare theological gift tugs at the curtain fixed between Islam and Christianity. Navid Kermani’s "Wonder Beyond Belief" is a work of artistic inquiry that is rife with spiritually edifying morsels, made all the more piquant by the... Read More

Book Review

The Hope of Another Spring

by Matt Sutherland

What is American history other than a record of stuff that happened somehow related to the people and places of this country. Everything in the past is history, and no matter how insignificant, it factors into the character and identity... Read More

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