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One Fine Season

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

This Christian-based story of grace love friendship and promises focuses on two perfect handsome and talented young athletes Danny and Pete. In their perfection the men never succumb to jealousy and devote themselves to the friendship between them and Haven the most exquisite young woman ever created: “’…I was dealt a lucky hand at least for the most part’” Haven tells them. “‘My mom made it clear that I can only have her my dad and God to thank for good genetics and that anyone who depends on their looks to get them through life is heading for a rude awakening.’”

Michael Sheehan pounds his messages home at every opportunity as can be seen in the previous quote. Sheehan wrote the book as an homage to two childhood friends who died young which may explain why the main characters resemble fantasy figures rather than real flawed human beings.

Pete his girlfriend Haven and Danny share a forever friendship. Upon graduation from college the two men make a pact: “Let’s swear a sacred pact right here…that we’ll both help one another in any way we can to make the big leagues—no matter what….We can both make this dream of being pro ballplayers a reality. Let’s vow to get there together.”

Their idyllic lives quickly change when Pete and Haven die in a freak accident. Danny continues alone with Pete’s last words ringing in his ears “You have to live for all of us.” There is no doubt that Danny will fulfill the dream. The story breaks the boundaries between this world and the heavenly next life; friends and enemies materialize as Danny pursues a baseball career guided by mysterious dream messages.

The author writes in a reportage style with minimal scene development. This works best when Sheehan describes tense baseball moments: “Danny registered a quick two strikes and the crowd screamed in unison begging for one more. When Danny blew a 110 mph fastball past the hitter to finish the magnificent no-hit gem with eighteen strikeouts the Miners rushed the mound to congratulate their young hero.”

The characters serve as stereotypes to convey the author’s messages of faith hope and charity. The writing flows strong and even while conflict remains weak. In the midst of this novel Danny becomes a poster boy for nature’s health treatments which reflects the author’s involvement as CEO and founder of a natural medicine company.

Readers who enjoy chaste stories that are relatively predictable with wholesome good guys and black-hearted bad guys minimal conflict and baseball may find perfection in this novel.

Reviewed by Dawn Goldsmith

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