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Book Review

Hiding in America

by Billie Rae Bates

Mekhaeil is on a journey of self-discovery more than on a run from terrorists, and even more than that, he’s on a journey to the truth of the nature of God. Egyptian teenager and Coptic Christian Mekhaeil Zacharias gets a full dose of... Read More

Book Review

Chuckerman Makes a Movie

by Carol Davala

Art imitates life in "Chuckerman Makes a Movie", a laughter-inducing novel of nostalgia and self-discovery. Francie Arenson Dickman’s clever and entertaining "Chuckerman Makes a Movie" leads a floundering character to his aha moment.... Read More

Book Review

The Favourite

by Meg Nola

In "The Favourite", S. V. Berlin’s quietly compelling debut novel, estranged siblings reunite following the death of their mother, troubled by old resentments and misunderstandings at a time of both raw and numbing grief. Edward and... Read More

Book Review

The Magnificent Mind-Set Man

by Delia Stanley

Self-help, science fiction, and Christian themes weave together among this novel’s breathtaking settings. Russell D. Hamblin’s "The Magnificent Mind-Set Man" explores faith and self-reflection through the lens of an everyman who... Read More

Book Review

The Silence of Motherhood

by Katerie Prior

"The Silence of Motherhood" is a capable portrait of motherhood in the twenty-first century. In "The Silence of Motherhood", Victoria Jones novelizes her experiences to explore the importance of silence in her adult life. Victoria Jones... Read More

Book Review

Mary Poser

by Drema Drudge

A romance with unexpected twists, complicated layers, and tense near misses, "Mary Poser" is a gratifying trip. Angel A’s "Mary Poser" is a heartfelt, pistol-shot-paced intercultural romance set in Nashville. A compliant pastor’s... Read More

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