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Book Review

In the Land of the Blind

by Susan Waggoner

"In the Land of the Blind" is an intelligent novel focused on an idealistic psychoanalyst and his patients. In Robert Schulman’s contemporary novel "In the Land of the Blind", a struggling analyst gives glimpses behind the scenes of... Read More

Book Review

Perpetual Check

by Eileen Gonzalez

Clever and surprising, "Perpetual Check" is a thrilling novel set during the intersection between the decline of the Soviet Union and the dawn of the computer age. Two women are trapped in the middle of a deadly spy game in F. Nelson... Read More

Book Review

Christmas in Austin

by Meg Nola

In Benjamin Markovits’s novel "Christmas in Austin", the Essinger family gathers for the holidays, its siblings traveling from England and the East Coast back to Texas, where festive lights twinkle amid agave plants and the air smells... Read More

Book Review

Big Familia

by Rebecca Hussey

In Tomas Moniz’s bighearted novel "Big Familia", a man comes to terms with changes in his family, his neighborhood, and himself. Juan Gutiérrez lives with his daughter, Stella, in a gentrifying neighborhood in Berkeley. Stella is... Read More

Book Review

No Good Very Bad Asian

by Ho Lin

Sirius Lee isn’t your stereotypical bookish Asian American dude. An outspoken and confrontational comedian, he has popular stand-up albums and appearances in Hollywood blockbusters on his résumé. But underneath the jokes, his wreck... Read More

Book Review

The Crime of Being

by Karen Rigby

On Good Friday, a white high school student, Shawnee, shoots his black classmate, Gunther, before attempting suicide. Alice Lichtenstein’s provocative novel "The Crime of Being" covers the fallout after both teens survive the hate... Read More

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