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Book Review


by Aimee Jodoin

From the hospital room to the courtroom, "Malpractice" is a suspenseful dramatic novel. In JJ Perry’s medical drama "Malpractice", a young mother dies under the care of two doctors, and tensions arise as characters deal with the trial.... Read More

Book Review

Love Through All Strife

by Karen Rigby

"Love Through All Strife" is a quixotic historical novel filled with entertaining episodes. J. P. Hogan’s "Love Through All Strife" depicts a rescue mission following a Central American government being overthrown. Nineteen-year-old... Read More

Book Review

And Throw Away the Skins

by Delia Stanley

This poignant novel is stylish and poetic as it travels through the troubled seasons of a woman’s life. Scott Archer Jones’s emotional and dramatic novel "And Throw Away the Skins" follows the unpredictable and often painful twists... Read More

Book Review

Bring the Rain

by Meg Nola

In JoAnn Franklin’s novel "Bring the Rain", Dart Sommers has an established career as a psychology professor at a North Carolina university. She is also the founder of The Raindrop Institute, a think tank dedicated to ending poverty.... Read More

Book Review

Busara Road

by Karen Rigby

In "Busara Road", eleven-year-old Mark Morgan follows his widowed father, a Quaker missionary, to newly independent Kenya. David Hallock Sanders’s atmospheric debut sets a mid-1960s coming-of-age tale against a community marred by... Read More

Book Review

The Rosie Result

by Katie Asher

When their son, Hudson, begins having behavioral difficulties, Rosie and Don discover what comes with a weighty autism diagnosis. In Graeme Simsion’s "The Rosie Result", ten-year-old Hudson’s struggles to make friends and tendency to... Read More

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