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Misty's Misadventures

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

A memorable woman returns to a small town in Misty’s Misadventures, a sweet romance novel.

A divorceé and her young daughters move back to Newfoundland in Kathryn Taylor’s delightful romance novel, Misty’s Misadventures.

Misty arrives at her granduncle’s dilapidated house, which she inherited, fresh from a personal bankruptcy. She has little else to buoy her beyond her daughters’ enthusiasm about making the best of living in Charlie’s Cove. But locals take an immediate interest in the family, offering them help and directing Misty toward work at the local news rag, The Yarn.

The novel is a warm exploration of homecoming after betrayal by a spouse. Cosmopolitan Misty renews her affection for her coastal town, which is marked by down-to-earth candor, a slowed pace, and friendly busybodies, all while penning a new column about herself and falling for a dentist, Steve, who splits his time between Charlie’s Cove and Toronto.

Misty is hesitant about trusting a partner again, and there’s mild tension around the long distance nature of her steamy new relationship. But Misty is also resourceful in her everyday encounters, and her inner life, from her worries to her fantasies, is insightful. She considers aspects of single parenthood while nurturing her drive to find purpose in her work.

Situational humor drives the plot, including scenes of gossip about the purchase of a king-size bed, a lecherous lawyer’s comeuppance, and a wedding-turned-skirmish. These and other events result in a picturesque, locale-based story that’s seldom short on interesting moments. People’s foibles fuel Misty’s column, and she handles them with affection, drawing forth subtle ideas about finding inspiration as a writer.

The cast’s distinctive Newfoundland grammar is full of charming plurals, and people exchange forthright opinions and observations that are a novel highlight. With rare exception, as with a coworker who thinks that Misty isn’t genuine, Misty is welcomed into the town’s fold, while still retaining her own glamour.

A mix-up at the newspaper results in the printing of an embarrassing column that Misty never intended to make public, but even conflicts like these are treated in a lighthearted manner: the aftermath of the printing involves a heightened series of events that pinpoint Misty’s popularity and vulnerability, and that culminate in romantic fortunes. Even Misty’s relationship with Steve finds sure footing in the book’s inevitable-feeling ending—it’s only how they get there that holds surprises, involving one entertaining caper after another.

Misty’s Misadventures is a sweet romance novel involving a return to a small town for its memorable heroine.

Reviewed by Karen Rigby

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