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Book Review

Just One Life

by Mari Carlson

With wit, verve, and compassion, Ernest Cohen’s epic novel "Just One Life" demonstrates how one man’s tragedy can become the impetus for healing and growth in the lives of those around him. In Ernest Cohen’s epic novel "Just One... Read More

Book Review

The Rabbit Factor

by Meg Nola

In Antti Tuomainen’s novel "The Rabbit Factor", a Helsinki actuary’s predictable world turns into a bizarre landscape filled with chaos, death threats, and an enormous plastic rabbit. Henri, a diligent worker, feels like he’s... Read More

Book Review

New Animal

by Danielle Ballantyne

A piercing novel about death, grief, and the lengths people will go to escape them, Ella Baxter’s "New Animal" is not for the faint of heart. Amelia, a cosmetic mortician with her family’s mortuary business, is a clinical woman who... Read More

Book Review

Talk Radio

by George Hajjar

A heartwarming novel about the residents of a quaint Maine fishing village, "Talk Radio" celebrates the joys of human connection. In Ham Martin’s lighthearted novel Talk Radio, beauty is found in the ordinary, daily lives of a radio... Read More

Book Review

Hot Air

by Carolina Ciucci

Arnold Falls lives and breathes and grows in "Hot Air", a comedic novel about a picturesque small town and its equally picturesque inhabitants. Charlie Suisman’s "Hot Air" is a charming novel centered on the townspeople of Arnold... Read More

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