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Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

In the satirical novel "Powerballs", an unhappy couple experiences the pleasure of sudden wealth—but their fortunes have a sharp edge. A troubled couple becomes even more troubled after they buy a billion-dollar lottery ticket in Jimmy... Read More

Book Review


by Randi Hacker

"Espoused" is a clever satirical novel whose approach to marriage, commitment, and love is thought provoking. In Jean Marie Davis’s satirical novel "Espoused", marriages are legally dissolved after fifteen years, and those who wish to... Read More

Book Review

Escape from Oblivia

by Claire Foster

In the novel Escape From Oblivia, a man flirts with his long overdue maturation, but faces obstacles both real and imagined in the process. Brian Kindall’s novel "Escape from Oblivia" uses humor to address the romantic, personal, and... Read More

Book Review

Felonious Monk

by Angela McQuay

A monk with anger management problems leads William Kotzwinkle’s novel "Felonious Monk", which is a wild ride of double-crossing crimes. Tommy Martini was born into a crime family, but removed himself to a monastery after killing a man... Read More

Book Review

Seaweed McTweed

by George Hajjar

"Seaweed McTweed" is a powerful picture book about the anxiety of not fitting in, and about the power of friendship to save the day. In Jon Nappa and Jason Kendrickson’s fun picture book "Seaweed McTweed", a sea monster wants to make a... Read More

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