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Book Review

Black-Eyed Susan

by Amanda Adams

This is a vivid, spirited search for the self, full of creativity and whimsy. Lively and entertaining, Elizabeth Leiknes’s "Black-Eyed Susan" provides great insight into the art of finding oneself. Susan Specter is a bundle of... Read More

Book Review

Solomon Bull

by Michelle Anne Schingler

"Solomon Bull" is a thrilling tale of perseverance against elements that range from the political to the natural and internal. Clayton Lindemuth’s "Solomon Bull" is a smart and darkly funny political thriller that takes institutional... Read More

Book Review

Sunrise at San Attarium

by Felicia Seeburger

"Sunrise at San Attarium" questions whether it is possible to make one’s fantasies come true. To live out a fantasy isn’t possible for most people, yet in Rhys Llewellyn’s "Sunrise at San Attarium", it’s imperative. Bob Inwater... Read More

Book Review

Stories of Yesteryear

by Robert Foreman

"Stories of Yesteryear" is an appealing collection of stories about small-town New England life. Harry H. Brown’s "Stories of Yesteryear" provides a textured narrative of Halifax, its residents, and its surroundings. Each story... Read More

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