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Imminent Threat

In Jeff Gunhus’s bombastic thriller Imminent Threat, an old threat rises to cleanse the world in fire; only the Alpha Team might be able to thwart him.

Jacobslav Scarvan, a KGB assassin and a ruthless terrorist, finds himself aboard a fishing trawler off the coast of Greece. With him are representatives from the CIA and KGB, all for a singular purpose: to eliminate Scarvan with extreme prejudice. Three bullets strike true, and Scarvan washes overboard, lost in the Aegean Sea.

Twenty years pass before the father-daughter team of Scott and Mara Roberts establish an elite team of operatives, the Alpha Team. They are tasked with rooting out and eliminating a shadowy organization known as Omega. While Alpha Team pursues Omega, news of Scarvan’s return suggests a coming attack of apocalyptic proportions; the pursuit of him leads to a clever trap.

This is the second adventure starring Scott, Mara, and the Alpha Team, but it functions as a standalone. References to their earlier experiences come with ample context; their focus remains on the current threat. Mara and Scott’s strained relationship adds tension to already taut sequences, as when Scarvan manages to grab Mara and threaten Scott. Scarvan is intriguing from the get-go, though the time between his presumed death and reappearance is more driven by the madness of a determined monk. When Scarvan returns, age has done little to dampen his abilities or the fear he strikes in the global espionage community.

Imminent Threat is a thunderous roller coaster ride of a thriller that features a grandiose villain; only a capable father-daughter team stands between him and global destruction.

Reviewed by John M. Murray

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