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How to Talk to an Alien

This discussion of ufology will help alien communicators successfully say, “Take me to your leader.”

How would extraterrestrials communicate? Would they prefer to read our minds or to learn our languages and communicate on our level? The questions that this readable book poses will fascinate ufologists and entertain others.

How to Talk to an Alien presumes the existence of not only extraterrestrials but of extraterrestrials who have already attempted to contact humans. This makes it a satisfying read if only because reports of alien contact provide a foundation. At points, skeptics may wish that the theme were more hypothetical. Several sources originate in apocryphal accounts of alien encounters and from Internet sites whose sourcing is difficult to verify, though serious ufologists would argue that the only reason these sources are questionable is that they have been suppressed.

Though the title implies a discussion of linguistics, the bulk of the book is rooted in ufology. The book never discusses options for opening a dialogue with any nonhuman—for example, methods for talking to someone whom you suspect may communicate via pheromones. If such contact were to occur, this volume would at best serve only as an overview of past reported contact.

Du Tertre scrutinizes specific reported incidents, giving the book something of a scholarly, analytical tone. However, she appears to takes pains to remain accessible, often using the first person to describe her research. The overall result is an intimate book that implies a camaraderie of ufologists who are as passionate about their field as any lab researcher. Even for nonbelievers, the author’s palpable excitement over the subject matter is endearing and entertaining.

Ufologists won’t want to miss this work. Anyone interested in aliens or alien contact will find it an interesting read worthy of discussion with fellow enthusiasts.

Reviewed by Anna Call

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