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Book Review

Karma Police

by Peter Dabbene

Buddhism is the backdrop for metaphysical excitement in "Karma Police", a graphic novel that casts monks as thoughtful enforcers. Their goal? To ease suffering without violence, if possible—but if needed, to destroy evil spirits that... Read More

Book Review

Healing Hearts

by Tanisha Rule

Sarah M. Eden’s masterful romance "Healing Hearts" is a story of love, forgiveness, and friendship in which dangerous secrets prove impossible to keep. It’s 1876 in the small, tight-knit frontier town of Savage Wells, Wyoming.... Read More

Book Review

The Alchemist's Illusion

by Claire Foster

In The Alchemist’s Illusion, Zoe Faust continues her search for a missing mentor. The mystery involves an evil painting, a phoenix pendant of dark provenance, and an art crime that spans centuries. On one of Zoe’s walks through a... Read More

Book Review

Coma Dreams

by Joseph S. Pete

"Coma Dreams" is a pulse-pounding thriller that unflinchingly depicts the human propensity for self-destruction. N. Lawrence Mann’s "Coma Dreams" is a sui generis blend of psychological thriller with science fiction, exploring heavy... Read More

Book Review


by Catherine Thureson

Jill Baguchinsky’s outwardly lighthearted "Mammoth" comes with an important message. Natalie is a plus-size high school junior who blogs about fashion and paleontology. An opportunity for a summer internship at the Mammoth Site in... Read More

Book Review

Guarding Savage

by Benjamin Welton

Dave Edlund’s "Guarding Savage" is a near-perfect international thriller that includes everything from a Sino-American naval war to the history of Japanese atrocities in World War II-era China. At its core is an important message... Read More

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