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Book Review

Lethal Savage

by John M. Murray

Dave Edlund’s thrilling Peter Savage series continues with "Lethal Savage", which kick-starts a drastic solution to overpopulation. On an Oregon reservation, the young men are struck by an unknown illness that leaves them sterile.... Read More

Book Review

Apocalypse How?

by Eileen Gonzalez

Galen Surlak-Ramsey’s comedic "Apocalypse How?" is the thrilling, clever first entry in a series of space romps. Hapless treasure hunter Dakota has made it her mission to unlock the secrets of the Progenitors, a race of mythical,... Read More

Book Review

The Spice King

by Karen Rigby

Elizabeth Camden’s romance "The Spice King" captures intellectual passion and patriotism at the start of the twentieth century. For Kansas-born botanist Annabelle, a position at the Smithsonian is an exhilarating opportunity. Charged... Read More

Book Review

Munching on the Sun

by Laura Leavitt

"Munching on the Sun" encapsulates what it is like to have big questions about life while you’re falling in love and growing up. Mark Paul Oleksiw’s realistic coming-of-age novel "Munching on the Sun" focuses on an emotional young... Read More

Book Review

Jack of Thorns

by Claire Foster

As potent and enchanting as a flower, "Jack of Thorns" is a seductive novel that weaves together elements of romance, pagan spirituality, family trauma, and magic. A man learns that with great power comes even bigger problems in A. K.... Read More

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