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Hormone Power

Transform Your Diet, Transform Your Life

Marjolein Dubbers’s wellness how-to Hormone Power gives women the tools to transform their lives.

Many modern women wouldn’t think of themselves as malnourished, but their bodies may be saying otherwise via fatigue, pain, and difficulties with managing weight. The underlying issue, Dubbers says, may be that women don’t understand how their bodies are designed, or the particular and vital role that hormones play. Here, poor food choices are shown to fuel the broken cycle, and Dubber proposes better choices, highlighting their power to bring about real change.

The book debunks common health myths, such as that cholesterol is all bad, and introduces lesser known ideas, such as leptin deficiency and resistance, which happens when the body doesn’t get the signal that it’s full. After establishing understanding around how women’s bodies work, the book dives into nuts-and-bolts dietary advice, based on the accessible, optimistic mantra “get healthy food into your body.”

Some of the book’s advice is no-brainer, like to eat more vegetables, but couched in ways that make it tasty and efficient, like making smoothies. The hope is to keep women from riding cycles of dietary failure. Other familiar advice may turn women’s diets on their heads (like to avoid dairy and gluten), but Dubbers provides the know-how and reasoning to help make even big changes.

A positive and encouraging voice embraces the reality that change happens little by little, asserting that it’s okay to make small exceptions every now and again. Included recipes help to make incremental change possible right now. They’re appetizing and easy to follow, with ingredients that can be found at most grocery stores, especially those with robust organic and health food sections.

Hormone Power is a health book that puts the power in women’s hands, encouraging them to understand their bodies and the foods they eat.

Reviewed by Melissa Wuske

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