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Book Review

Rank Songbirds

by Michele Sharpe

"Rank Songbirds" is a confident and challenging multigenre collection that places interpersonal concerns into historical and political context. Novelist, essayist, and poet Leon Rooke’s literary collection "Rank Songbirds" is a slim,... Read More

Book Review

Song of My Softening

by Matt Sutherland

We are born of parents and the times, and we live lives of freedom and preordained constraint (arguably). Thou shall not make excuses. Born the daughter of African and Caribbean immigrants in Britain, queer poet Omotara James earned her... Read More

Book Review

Balloon Dog

by Mari Carlson

Daniel Paisner’s literary novel "Balloon Dog" revolves around a sculpture heist—though its artful characters are also vulnerable to other kinds of theft. Though he used to be a respected writer, middle age killed Harrison’s... Read More

Book Review

Giant Island

by Danielle Ballantyne

Surrounded by wisps of seaweed and schools of glimmering fish rests Giant Island: a collection of craggy rocks on which a small copse of trees grows. As Grandpa casts his line, the children take to exploring, discovering the... Read More

Book Review

The Awake Dreamer

by Sarah White

Samantha Fey’s "The Awake Dreamer" is a concise spiritual guidebook to dreaming. It covers what messages dreams are trying to send, and shares how to cultivate more meaningful dream time. Encompassing prophetic dreams, dreams of past... Read More

Book Review

Droll Tales

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

The connected stories in Iris Smyles’s "Droll Tales" are innovative—filled with surrealistic imagery, dark comedy, and people unmoored in their lives. A young woman who believes that she will never find someone to whom she would give... Read More

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