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Book Review

The 53rd Card

by John M. Murray

"The 53rd Card" is a heavy but rewarding spiritual fantasy. Virginia Weiss’s intensely character-driven "The 53rd Card" chronicles a damaged woman’s attempts to understand her life’s meaning. A life filled with trauma and loss... Read More

Book Review

Micro Living

by Karen Rigby

Forty eclectic examples of living large with less are brought to the fore in "Micro Living", Derek Diedricksen’s latest pioneering lifestyle work. The book spans the gap between veterans of the sustainability movement and those who are... Read More

Book Review

Not My Idea

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

A child struggles to understand the violence and social injustice they see on the news and in the community around them in a timely story that addresses racism, civic responsibility, and the concept of whiteness. Mixed media collages and... Read More

Book Review

On the Future

by Rebecca Foster

Martin Rees has been England’s Astronomer Royal since 1995; he also taught at Cambridge University. With his prestigious scientific background, he is well-positioned to comment on the opportunities and threats that humanity faces in... Read More

Book Review

Machete Squad

by Peter Dabbene

In his gritty memoir "Machete Squad", Brent Dulak, along with his co-contributors, tells the story of his tour as an army medic in Afghanistan. The book’s cover, featuring Dulak wearing a skull mask and holding a syringe in his mouth,... Read More

Book Review

Original Syn

by Susan Waggoner

In the future of Beth Kander’s "Original Syn", singularity has been achieved, leading to two branches of humanoids: Originals, who are deprived of technological enhancement; and Syns, enhanced humans who are physically ageless and... Read More

Book Review

Flight of the Fox

by Benjamin Welton

Gray Basnight’s "Flight of the Fox" is the ultimate paranoid thriller—a major page-turner dedicated to one wrongfully accused man’s flight from the law. This is a big-league ride from start to finish, and at its core, it discusses... Read More

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