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Book Review

A Broken Badge Healed?

by John Senger

Ex-agent says the FBI went astray when it began chasing terrorists rather than criminals. Author Frederic Donner, an FBI veteran who was forced to accept a medical disability leave when he was diagnosed with brain cancer, is a remarkable... Read More

Book Review

The Federalist Society

by Jeff Fleischer

The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies was founded in the early 1980s by politically conservative law students who considered mainstream legal thought in America too liberal. Though it started as a student organization... Read More

Book Review

Fighting for Their Lives

by Maria Siano

In this revealing analysis of the legal profession, researcher Susannah Sheffer interviews long-time capital defense attorneys with the goal of answering this question: How does it feel to know that your job is to save a person’s life?... Read More

Book Review

Kids for Cash

by Karl Helicher

In the best of circumstances, juvenile justice treads a tenuous path between punishment and rehabilitation. In 2009, a scandal broke in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, that showed how precarious this route could be when Judge Mark A.... Read More

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