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Book Review

Time for Justice

by John Senger

It is popular these days to write a book claiming that this system or that institution is broken. Often times these revelatory books are delivered in shrill and accusatory language. The writer identifies the bad guys and offers draconian... Read More

Book Review

Creative Meditation

by Sheila M. Trask

Why can’t we all just get along? Well, sometimes we can, according to Thomas Glick in Creative Mediation, his book of solutions for sticky legal situations. Glick worked for years as a lawyer in Florida, growing increasingly frustrated... Read More

Book Review


by John Michael Senger

Lawyers often do things clients cannot do on their own, but they also do things clients simply do not want to do on their own. Daniel Sitarz, an experienced lawyer, has written "S-Corporation" to give people the skills and knowledge to... Read More

Book Review

Little Rock on Trial

Supreme Court Schooling: The Little Rock, Arkansas, school desegregation crisis pitted nine African-American youths against Orval Faubus, the stubborn and deceitful Arkansas governor, and the thousands of white Little Rock citizens whose... Read More

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