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by Michele Sharpe

"(P)luck" is a memorable story of the work of two brothers on some of the twentieth century’s most crucial public health and bioethics issues. Alfred and Blair Sadler’s memoir "(P)luck" is about their groundbreaking collaboration in... Read More

Book Review

Beyond Fear

by Benjamin Welton

"Beyond Fear" is fascinating tell-all memoir that covers a rare victory over the medical industrial complex. Ted Giovanis’s informative memoir "Beyond Fear" is about taking on the US government and its dizzying medical power. Born in... Read More

Book Review

The Rule of Five

by Rachel Jagareski

"The Rule of Five" is a character-driven thriller about how climate change came to the fore of US politics and legal action. Richard J. Lazarus’s book is no novel, however, but a suspenseful real-life account of an inspired activist... Read More

Book Review

The Vanishing Trial

by Danielle Ballantyne

Examining the causes and costs of dwindling jury trials in federal courts, "The Vanishing Trial" is a compelling glimpse behind the curtain of the courtroom. Brimming with courtroom drama and sobering statistics, Robert Katzberg’s "The... Read More

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