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Book Review

Bill Wants a Boat

by Charlene Oldham

"Bill Wants a Boat" is an attention-grabbing personal finance primer for those striving to secure their financial futures. Antonio M. Thewissen’s financial parable "Bill Wants a Boat" follows a couple’s monetary struggles during... Read More

Book Review


by Nancy Powell

Driver’s heartfelt, often funny, story will be sympathetic to today’s college graduates as they also struggle to find meaningful work. Christopher J. Driver’s memoir "Hardbarned!" is poignant and self-deprecating, about the college... Read More

Book Review

Last Man Standing

by Gary Presley

"Last Man Standing" is a thoughtful and exhaustive account of the life of Mort Sahl. With Last Man Standing, James Curtis offers a comprehensive and generally admiring biography of Mort Sahl, a stand-up comedian who brought the... Read More

Book Review

More Stories to Tell

by Peter Dabbene

Wink-nod chapter titles and conversational prose make this a keen and appealing comedic work. On the heels of his well-received humor book Stories I Tell, Paul D’Angelo presents another compendium of comedy, More Stories to Tell: A... Read More

Book Review

Uncle John's Weird Weird World

by Matt Sutherland

If you’re on a need-to-know basis with the truth at its wackiest, if your idea of pleasure reading includes bizarre diseases, dumb crooks, and who holds the record for the longest shower, if you’re dying to know the history of lava... Read More

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