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Book Review

The Hiking Book from Hell

by Kristine Morris

Comedian Are Kalvø’s "The Hiking Book from Hell" is a smart, funny, and honest exposé of the cult of the outdoors, from the sublime to the ridiculous. On the cusp of middle age, Kalvø is worried. His friends have all disappeared,... Read More

Book Review

Dare to Do Nothing

by Kristine Morris

This tongue-in-cheek self-help text takes nonattachment to new heights. Humorous and edgy, Amy Minty’s self-help book "Dare to Do Nothing" is a call to toss out work, stress, and obligations of all types and begin to enjoy a life that... Read More

Book Review

Reality Revisited

by Andrea Hammer

"Reality Revisited" is a thought-provoking, ranging reference guide with plentiful material for discussion, debate, and entertainment. Igor D. Radović’s "Reality Revisited" is a sometimes satirical reference book that functions as a... Read More

Book Review

Funny Thing Is

by Paige Van De Winkle

"Funny Thing Is" melds philosophy, science, and personal observations to result in a multifaceted take on modern comedy. Stephen Evans’s The Funny Thing Is is a perceptive dissection of the science and philosophy of comedy and comedic... Read More

Book Review

Odd Woman Out

by Mari Carlson

"Odd Woman Out" is a celebratory memoir in which the underside of fame is addressed with humor and wisdom. Actress and comedian Melanie Chartoff discusses her real-life search for serious love in "Odd Woman Out". Growing up in New Haven,... Read More

Book Review

Move on Motherf*cker

by Melissa Wuske

Enough with kindness and gentleness: this book calls people on their bullsh*t. Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt’s self-help book issues a wake-up call to those who are fed up. As a therapist and a person, Eckleberry-Hunt once faced an impossible... Read More

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