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Book Review

I Ate a Cicada Today

by Aimee Jodoin

Each limerick-like verse in this book of goofy anecdotes uses evocative yet silly vocabulary to convey situations that are both nonsensical and imaginative. A thug mugs a ladybug, for instance, and a tall giraffe gets photographed— in... Read More

Book Review

A bitch in Rome

by Christine Canfield

Camillo is both vulnerable and humorous in her portrayal of a new pet that causes jealousy in her marriage. The little dog was badly hurt. What could they do but bring her into their apartment in Rome and nurse her back to health? But... Read More

Book Review

Midlife Cabernet

by Heather Weber

Ambrose provides frank conversation and a pick-me-up in the face of all the challenges midlife has to offer. Elaine Ambrose’s Midlife Cabernet: Life, Love & Laughter after Fifty is an Erma Bombeck-esque tribute to women who are... Read More

Book Review

Words are people too...

by Diane Gardner

Pitta combines his love of language and humor in a lighthearted book that explores the joy of words and draws on everyone’s love of a good joke. According to humorist Bob Pitta, long ago, the word “question” (an inquiry) was... Read More

Book Review

Happy Endings

by Beth VanHouten

Did you hear the one about the joke book that was actually funny? "Happy Endings" is a book of jokes collected over the years by Gerald Downey. Written in short story form, this enjoyable paperback will leave readers snickering and... Read More

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