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Book Review

Cultural Migration

by CJ Triplett

This is an exemplary and fascinating work of African cultural and historical documentation. A fresh and insightful look into a sorely neglected aspect of history, Zac Adama’s Cultural Migration: A Short History of Nkrankwanta and Anyii... Read More

Book Review

Lotería Huasteca

by Anna Call

This is celebration sincere and genuine, an appreciation by an artist whose love for his art and for his subject shines through every print. Categorizing Alec Dempster’s "Lotería Huasteca" as an art book is tricky. Nominally a book of... Read More

Book Review

Changing the Subject

by Amanda McCorquodale

These seventeen exceptionally well-written essays explain that an unprecedented explosion of data injures the restorative nature of certain important ways of thinking. Sven Birkert’s Changing the Subject: Art and Attention in the... Read More

Book Review

The State of the American Mind

by Amy O'Loughlin

Mental laziness, overblown belief in self, and indifference to political awareness all serve to enfeeble the American experiment. In The State of the American Mind: 16 Leading Critics on the New Anti-Intellectualism, editors Mark... Read More

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