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Book Review

Culture Jamming

by Melissa Wuske

This volume is a must for modern day activists hoping to overturn the status quo. Culture Jamming: Activism and the Art of Cultural Resistance, edited by Marilyn DeLaure and Moritze Fink, is an in-depth look at creative means of social... Read More

Book Review

Manly Manners

by Claire Foster

This exhaustive guide brings back the gentleman’s code for a generation in need of a refresher. Manly Manners, by notable designer, lawyer, and bon vivant Wayne James, is a refreshing reminder that manners can be sexy and exciting, and... Read More

Book Review

Cultural Migration

by CJ Triplett

This is an exemplary and fascinating work of African cultural and historical documentation. A fresh and insightful look into a sorely neglected aspect of history, Zac Adama’s Cultural Migration: A Short History of Nkrankwanta and Anyii... Read More

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