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Book Review


by Bradley A. Scott

Grover’s essays provide insight into Ojibwe life, even as it contends with the encroaching tendencies of surrounding cultures. This collection of short essays offers wisdom, humor, and affection from an Ojibwe grandmother who is also a... Read More

Book Review

Keeping It Halal

by Amanda Adams

"Keeping It Halal" is compellingly relevant and paints a picture of the modern Muslim-American experience. Comprehensive fieldwork and engaging candor elevate John O’Brien’s Keeping It Halal: The Everyday Lives of Muslim American... Read More

Book Review

In Vino Duplicitas

by Joseph S. Pete

Wine aficionados and teetotalers alike would savor the well-reported true crime tale where FBI stands for Fake Bottle Investigators. Peter Hellman’s "In Vino Duplicitas" is a heady, intoxicating book that shines a light on the esoteric... Read More

Book Review

Edge of Morning

by Amy O'Loughlin

Encompassing wisdom and grace, "Edge of Morning" is a finessed articulation of respect and the simplicity of being human. Edge of Morning: Native Voices Speak for the Bears Ears, edited by Jacqueline Keeler of the Navajo and Yankton... Read More

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