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Book Review

The Frighteners

by Linda Thorlakson

In The Frighteners: A Journey Through Our Cultural Fascination with the Macabre, Reverend Peter Laws simultaneously serves as scholarly tour guide and terror-driven participant through terrains inhabited by vampires, biblical characters,... Read More

Book Review


by Rachel Jagareski

John Briscoe’s Crush: The Triumph of California Wine is a lively introduction to California’s wine industry. Though blessed with a superb climate and geography for cultivating grapes, California winemakers endured centuries of... Read More

Book Review

The Bad Sixties

by Kristine Morris

Kristen Hoerl’s "The Bad Sixties" examines Hollywood’s take on 1960s America. It reveals that the entertainment industry, which could have been a potent force for progress, dropped the ball by avoiding serious engagement with the... Read More

Book Review

Queer Magic

by Mya Alexice

Tomás Prower’s "Queer Magic" explores the seemingly heteronormative history of the world’s religions and turns it on its head. It delves into overlooked or rewritten deities, historical figures, and religions with inclusive... Read More

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