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Book Review

Magical Habits

by Meg Nola

Monica Huerta’s memoir is a bold contemplative account of her family’s immigrant history, and of her struggle to forge an identity beyond their influence. Personal reflections, photographs, articles, mystical tales, Yelp reviews, and... Read More

Book Review


by Rachel Jagareski

Katerina Nitsou’s "Macedonia" is a vibrant introduction to a Balkan culture and cuisine that is “modest, simple, and honest.” Though there is a present-day country of North Macedonia, Nitsou’s work identifies Macedonia as a... Read More

Book Review

Had It Coming

by Karin Killian

Robyn Doolittle’s "Had It Coming" is a nuanced, unbiased investigation of rape culture and sexual assault prosecution in the #MeToo era. Doolittle asserts that #MeToo never would have achieved critical mass without the signal boost... Read More

Book Review

First Nations Version

by Jeremiah Rood

Terry M. Wildman and the First Nations Version Translation Council deliver a fresh translation of the Bible with "First Nations Version", which adds the wisdom of America’s first people to the text of the New Testament. The text’s... Read More

Book Review


by Carolina Ciucci

"Secrets" is a sensational story about how swinging and espionage merged in the 1980s. With names changed to preserve anonymity, Zillary Zahn’s intriguing cultural history "Secrets" focuses on the possible role that swing parties... Read More

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