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Book Review

Go, Went, Gone

by Joseph S. Pete

A major and important book, "Go, Went, Gone" tackles the issue of human displacement with intelligence and empathy. This powerful German novel in translation humanizes refugees at a time when many find it politically expedient to... Read More

Book Review

City Folk and Country Folk

by Meg Nola

Quietly masterful, the novel contains rich details of nineteenth-century Russian life. Sofia Khvoshchinskaya’s "City Folk and Country Folk" is a slyly captivating, contemporaneous novel of mid-nineteenth-century Russia. Khvoshchinskaya... Read More

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

Vallejo has his own unique brand of Latin-American experimentalism with a Kafkaesque flair. Joseph Mulligan presents an exceptional translation of Latin-American author César Vallejo’s early, prison-inspired work in the story... Read More

Book Review

The End

by Monica Carter

"The End" is vivid and irascible as it confronts the reality of aging, regrets, and death. Famed actress Fernanda Torres’s debut novel, "The End", is a brutally unflinching look at the lifelong friendships of five aging male friends... Read More

Book Review

Your Father's Room

by Karen Rigby

What haunts most about the novel is the tacit understanding that everything must change. From acclaimed French novelist Michel Déon comes the fictional memoir of Édouard, the only child of a middle-class couple. Translated by Julian... Read More

Book Review

The Sacred Era

by Meagan Logsdon

The novel includes a profound commentary on the relations of humans to time, space, and the divine. Japanese speculative-fiction master Yoshio Aramaki plays with religious and philosophical textures against a science-fiction canvas in... Read More

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