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Book Review

Enticed by You

by Claire Foster

His papa was a rolling stone, and Parker Wells Jr. inherits a mess after his death. From family feuds to broken partnerships, Parker makes repairing the past his business. However, a run-in with gorgeous attorney Kennedi Robinson changes... Read More

Book Review


by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

"Triangle" is a provocative and complex science fiction love story. Facing an uncertain future while struggling with unresolved issues from the past, three lovers explore the boundaries of human nature and relationships in Sara L.... Read More

Book Review

Engraved on the Heart

by Karen Rigby

In Tara Johnson’s "Engraved on the Heart", a young Southern woman’s sense of duty to her family bristles against a moral reckoning. Keziah Montgomery shines as an unlikely abolitionist whose star-crossed love kindles a dangerous,... Read More

Book Review


by Delia Stanley

M. J. Woods’s "Balance" is a fun and seductive romance novel that develops anticipation for Alexis and Aidan’s next adventure. M. J. Woods’s "Balance" explores emotional themes of family and friendship. It is a sexy romance set... Read More

Book Review

Love vs. Duty

by Erika Harlitz Kern

"Love vs. Duty" is an engaging fantasy romance about the difficult choice between love and duty when the future of the universe is at stake. In Nick Dream’s fantasy romance "Love vs. Duty", Greek mythology meets alien invasion as... Read More

Book Review

Miss Wilton's Waltz

by Claire Foster

Miss Wilton’s Waltz is a lovely, nuanced romance that shows how creating a relationship with oneself is just as important as falling in love with somebody else. Lenora Wilton is no shrinking violet. At first look, she easily could be... Read More

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