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Book Review

The Man Who Died

by Matt Grant

Finnish author Antti Tuomainen’s "The Man Who Died" is a bizarre, twisty, darkly comic novel about a man investigating his own murder. It’s a tightly paced Scandinavian thriller with a wicked sense of humor and a bumbling... Read More

Book Review

Cobra Clutch

by John M. Murray

In this side-splittingly funny action mystery, a retired wrestler becomes embroiled in a strange kidnapping case. An old wrestling buddy calls on “Hammerhead” Jed Ounstead for a favor. It seems someone has kidnapped his pet snake for... Read More

Book Review

The Fatness

by Erika Harlitz Kern

"The Fatness" is a concept-driven story that tackles the complicated problem of public health issues. Mark A. Rayner’s speculative fiction novel "The Fatness" takes society’s obsession with fitness and weight loss to task in a story... Read More

Book Review

Meet the Pops

by Katie Asher

"Meet the Pops" is a bright, smart picture book that engages children with important life lessons. "Meet the Pops" by Belinda Barbieri is an amusing and colorful picture book about an adorable family, the Pops, and their children’s... Read More

Book Review


by Felicia Topp

"Blended" is a sympathetic, lighthearted story about the search for meaning. A midlife search for connection and meaning drives Graeme Daniels’s "Blended", a slice-of-life story featuring one woman’s thoughtful, if action-light,... Read More

Book Review

A Perverse Romance

by Amanda Adams

The story is memorable in its approach, and is brightened by unique, compelling writing saturated with vivid imagery. "A Perverse Romance" by Pru La Motte is a bold and exciting satirical take on tradition, desire, cultural expectations,... Read More

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