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Book Review

The Ugly

by Meagan Logsdon

Comedically absurd but also introspective, "The Ugly" challenges dogmatic clinging to the letter of the law. Alexander Boldizar’s "The Ugly" is a globe-trotting tour de force that examines the complex relationship between words and... Read More

Book Review

The Toorak Jackpot

by Maya Fleischmann

Sweet surprises and gems of life observations shine through in "The Toorak Jackpot". Rosemary Macindoe’s "The Toorak Jackpot" is a touching parable about the true meaning of wealth. When Bert discovers that an anonymous benefactor has... Read More

Book Review

Guy Novel

by Gary Presley

The adventure in this passionate love story, set off with wry humor, is certain to appeal to the James Bond spy thriller audience. Michael Ryan’s "Guy Novel" is a love story that a guy’s guy can buy into, in which the girl at the... Read More

Book Review

The Eight-Day Clock

by Scott Neuffer

"The Eight-Day Clock" has a sharp critical edge that sets it apart from any genre exercise and puts it into the realm of literary fiction and vital political satire. Dale Swanson’s new novel is a subversive noir tale set in the... Read More

Book Review

The Wallenstein Testament

by Gary Presley

"The Wallenstein Testament" has all the ingredients of an enjoyable crime caper—a rapid-paced narrative, a wacky premise, and a quirky protagonist. "The Wallenstein Testament", Carlo Caldana’s San Francisco-set comic crime caper, is... Read More

Book Review

Dodging Satan

by Ron Kaplan

Epiphanies await Bridey throughout "Dodging Satan", and such well-drawn, jaw-dropping moments are significant. Kathleen Zamboni McCormick’s fictionalized memoir about growing up in the 1960s in a religious and dysfunctional family... Read More

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