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Book Review


by Felicia Topp

"Landslide" is a hopeful and sympathetic story about friendship, loss, and growing up. Melissa Leet’s "Landslide" is the moving story of two childhood friends, Jill and Susie. The narrative follows Jill as she navigates the trials of... Read More

Book Review

Grinder Hill

by Delia Stanley

Exploring themes of health, weight loss, and love, "Grinder Hill" is a romance that’s heavy with opinions. C. D. Shelton’s "Grinder Hill" follows a young man’s weight-loss journey. He navigates self-acceptance and romance while... Read More

Book Review

Palpable Passions

by Claire Foster

"Palpable Passions" uses bright, earnest characters to show that a microcosm can be just as complicated as the big picture. Tom Corbett’s "Palpable Passions" is an emotional novel set against the backdrop of the American invasion of... Read More

Book Review

The Three Souls

by Felicia Topp

The intriguing concept of reincarnation colors this prison story. Bill Thomas’s "The Three Souls" is a brisk story with an intriguing premise, centered on mistaken identity, the trials of prison life, and reincarnation. The story is... Read More

Book Review

The Journal

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

In this philosophical mystery that exposes life’s hidden beauties and corruption, Ethan travels from London to Cambodia in a desperate attempt to locate his free-spirited sister, Charlotte, who has disappeared. He is unprepared for the... Read More

Book Review


by Eva Schegulla

Sensory details bring the past to life in this charming time-travel story. The second book in the Tower Room series, Dawn Davis’s "Falling" is an intriguing time-travel adventure. It’s 1988, and Leo is a lonely middle-aged baker who... Read More

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