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Book Review

High Desert High

by Gary Presley

"High Desert High" hews closer to perceived reality than many metaphysical journeys, giving it broad appeal. In Steven Schindler’s thoughtful and sometimes trippy "High Desert High", Paul Santo, retired New York City police lieutenant,... Read More

Book Review


by Gary Henry

"Wilderhall" uses drama and show business as stages for a well-crafted, character-driven mystery. Secrets planted long ago bear tragic fruit for a thespian family in Jeanne Farewell’s entertaining, character-driven mystery,... Read More

Book Review

River Rat

by Amanda Adams

Imagery is vivid, allowing the pristine beauty of the Rio Grande River to shine through. Both genuine and thrilling, "River Rat" by Michael E. Oppitz memorably depicts a life led on the river. The gripping story is centered on the... Read More

Book Review

Alone on the Shield

by Jeremiah Rood

The Canadian borderlands, and their lakes, rivers, and portages, are rendered with a journalistic eye for detail. Kirk Landers’s "Alone on the Shield" is an adventure story mixed with a love affair set deep in the Canadian wilderness.... Read More

Book Review

Clara at the Edge

by John M. Murray

Clara’s story unspools in a compelling and engaging way. "Clara at the Edge" is a weird and engaging story of a widow, some wasps, and a traumatic past, a story that explores the importance of human connection. Seventy-three-year-old... Read More

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