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Book Review

Enticed by You

by Claire Foster

His papa was a rolling stone, and Parker Wells Jr. inherits a mess after his death. From family feuds to broken partnerships, Parker makes repairing the past his business. However, a run-in with gorgeous attorney Kennedi Robinson changes... Read More

Book Review

Hard Cider

by Meg Nola

In Barbara Stark-Nemon’s "Hard Cider", a midlife desire to pursue a dream comes to literal fruition—but not without persistence, resistance, and research. Abbie Rose Stone is a wife of thirty years, a mother, and a true lover of the... Read More

Book Review

Something Great and Beautiful

by Jordana Landsman

Enrico Pellegrini gave the 2008 financial crisis time to bake, rise, and cool before blasting it with his incisive and satirical novel "Something Great and Beautiful". After a meet-cute in Italy, Rosso and Chloe take divergent paths.... Read More

Book Review

Thin Rising Vapors

by Meredith Grahl Counts

In Seth Rogoff’s melancholy novel, "Thin Rising Vapors", a man tries to step out of time in the year-round solitude of a remote Maine summer home. Monkish, Thoreau-quoting Abel is revealed only after his death by apparent suicide, when... Read More

Book Review

How to Carry Scars

by Mya Alexice

Dana Green’s "How to Carry Scars" is a poetic, intense meditation on what it means to be a daughter in a dangerous, hurtful world. This is the story of Olivia, a girl caught between circumstances. An obsession with photographs consumed... Read More

Book Review

48 Hours

by Ho Lin

A retiree-cum-international-spy finds himself zipping around the world in this wish-fulfillment thriller. David Halfpenny’s spy novel "48 Hours" crisscrosses the globe from England to continental Europe and Afghanistan. The narrative... Read More

Book Review

Stuck in Manistique

by Aimee Jodoin

Set in small-town Michigan, "Stuck in Manistique" is an unconventional novel that is both entertaining and cathartic. Dennis Cuesta’s quirky and atmospheric novel, "Stuck in Manistique", strikes a perfect balance between lighthearted... Read More

Book Review

The First Barbarian Slave

by John M. Murray

"The First Barbarian Slave" is a fantastical tale of faith and magic. Ansu Turay’s ambitious "The First Barbarian Slave" lays the foundation for an epic fantasy trilogy filled with ambiguous legends and murky ambitions. Acting a... Read More

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