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Book Review

The Showrunner

by Paige Van De Winkle

Kim Moritsugu’s entertaining crime drama "The Showrunner" unapologetically explores Hollywood’s superficial show-business lifestyle, showing just how deadly ambition can be. Cocreators of the newest hit television drama, industry... Read More

Book Review

Galahad's Fool

by Karen Rigby

Conrad Bishop and Elizabeth Fuller reimagine the search for the grail in Galahad’s Fool, an experimental, labyrinthine work that highlights the all-consuming nature of art. Drawing from decades of experience behind and on the stage,... Read More

Book Review

The View from Here

by Laura Leavitt

Lynne Hinton’s charming The View From Here interlaces recollections of childhood days of wonder in the woods with themes of protesting environmental degradation. Katie Sinclair isn’t quite sure why she decided it was worth it to... Read More

Book Review

Clean Time

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Ben Gwin’s complex debut novel is based around a fictional reality television sensation, "Clean Time", that has catapulted various interested parties—from pharmaceutical corporations to rehab centers—to unimaginable wealth. For a... Read More

Book Review

Every Body Has a Story

by Jessie Horness

Set against the backdrop of the economic crash, "Every Body Has a Story" is an exploration of how our identities evolve when under immense pressure. Following Lena, her family, and their close friends through employment insecurity and... Read More

Book Review

Small Moving Parts

by Amy O'Loughlin

"Small Moving Parts" is an emotive, atmospheric, and memorable tour de force. Not to be missed. In 1958, on a summer’s night in Bufort, Texas, two strangers’ destinies collide. Harley Cain, an ill WWI veteran and rancher, and Dodger... Read More

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