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Book Review

Maranatha Road

by Susan Waggoner

Sympathy is created for these disparate and complex characters in a way that is worth savoring. Set in the late 1990s, Heather Bell Adams’s Marantha Road takes a seemingly standard setup of Southern poverty literature and burnishes it... Read More

Book Review

One Tough Cat

by Andrea Hammer

Cat friends will take the greatest pleasure in pouncing on this tasty treat. Melanie Moye’s One Tough Cat: An Animal Tale for Adults is clever, humorous, and marked with complete originality. Told from a feline viewpoint, this... Read More

Book Review

Restless Secrets

by Benjamin Welton

"Restless Secrets" is a well-wrought depiction of everyday life, even if that life is a little strange. "Restless Secrets" seamlessly weaves together three novellas about the lives of very different yet all very tough and durable women.... Read More

Book Review

The Moonshine Wars

by Felicia Seeburger

These pages are filled with characters fighting poverty with industriousness and battling discrimination with colorblind friendships. Set amid the wide-ranging history of the American South and its traditions of bootlegging and white... Read More

Book Review

Second Acts

by Meredith Hardwicke

Intelligent, witty, and filled with true feeling, this is a novel that celebrates women’s bonds and resilience. "Second Acts", by Teri Emory, is a smart, heartfelt glimpse at love, loss, and surprises in the lives of three longtime... Read More

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