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Book Review

Bravo Zulu

by John M. Murray

"Bravo Zulu" is a passionate collector’s personalized and enthusiastic ode to military aviation history. Vintage aircraft collector and museum founder Jerry Yagen’s memoir-cum-museum guide "Bravo Zulu" concerns his decades-long... Read More

Book Review

My Vegan Year

by Rebecca Foster

In "My Vegan Year", Niki Webster provides young adults with all of the information that they need to make healthy vegan food in season, and proffers tempting recipes for everything from breakfast to party snacks. Veganism is now a... Read More

Book Review

A Hot Mess

by Karen Rigby

Jeff Fleischer’s "A Hot Mess" is a substantial, science-based guide that explains climate change through history, its deniers, and the current evidence, all in a candid, accessible format that invites young people to take action. With... Read More

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