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Book Review

Santa's Sleigh-Train

by Kelly Thunstrom

Santa’s Sleigh-Train is a sweet story starring all of your favorite Christmas characters. Both the young and young at heart will love this spirited tale. When Rudolph is sick, can Christmas presents still get to all the good little... Read More

Book Review

Harold the Reindeer

by Karen Rigby

Harold’s journey emphasizes a deep belief that joy can be found even through unexpected developments. Harold the Reindeer: Secrets of Santa Claus explores the rewards of pure-hearted, principled motivations. John Skapura’s tale of a... Read More

Book Review


by Carol Davala

"Rabbi-Pyt" is an entertaining children’s book with a positive premise. In Galina Fidler’s inviting children’s picture book "Rabbi-Pyt", an unlikely friendship develops between a rabbit and a python. They work together to solve a... Read More

Book Review

Kiddie Coddles

by Rebecca Monterusso

The enjoyable Kiddie Coddles: The Goat with the Red Coat introduces the important lesson that siblings should be appreciated, no matter their differences. John Vitucci and Gianna Familette’s Kiddie Coddles: The Goat with the Red Coat... Read More

Book Review

Bear's Adventure

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

An accidental hot-air-balloon ride lands Bear right in the center of a bustling city far from home. He quickly gains celebrity status through a series of unexpected stunts and outrageous events, which are balanced by smoothly delivered,... Read More

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