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Book Review

Hello Up There!

by Kristine Morris

"Hello Up There!" is an affirming picture book in which a physically disabled boy learns that he can’t be stopped from having rich life experiences. In Judi Buenaflor’s warm picture book "Hello Up There!", a friendly giraffe teaches... Read More

Book Review

Minu and Her Hair

by Michelle Anne Schingler

In this story that encourages self-acceptance, a frustrated girl with untameable type 4 curls goes to her grandfather in despair, asking why she’s the only one with hair like hers. He assures her that she is not, in fact, alone: many... Read More

Book Review

Fox Tells a Lie

by Danielle Ballantyne

Watercolors and colored pencils come together in illustrations reminiscent of folk art in this story about getting caught in your own web of lies. Trying to look cool in front of his friends, Fox tells everyone that he knows Superturtle.... Read More

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