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Eating by the Book

What the Bible says about Food Fat Fitness & Faith

Did you know you came with an Owner’s Manual? Question is, are you willing to use it? In this thoughtful discussion of healthy living for body and soul, author and nutritionist David Meinz introduces the reader to what God has to say about diet and health. Blending science and theology, Meinz demonstrates the parallels between modern nutrition and Old Testament teachings. Don’t eat animal fat or blood—The priests must burn the fat off the sacrifices—burn the fat as an aroma pleasing to God. Perhaps animal fat was never designed for human consumption.

As a Fellow of the American Dietetic Association, Meinz uses science and nutrition to reveal the wisdom of those, and numerous other, ancient teachings. And, he posits, if one follow those teachings, one will draw closer to God and enjoy a more satisfying life. In over 200 studies that have looked at the role of religion and health, the conclusions suggest a strong relationship. Meinz’s review of the scientific literature shows that the influence of religious faith can result in everything from reduced blood pressure to greater marital satisfaction. In short, personal health and spiritual health are intrinsically linked.

Although clearly written for the Christian, Eating by the Book provides worthwhile information for the secular community as well. Complete with medical explanations, nutritious recipes, fitness programs and grocery tips, Meinz has crafted a valuable resource that anyone who is serious about healthy living should explore. If people can buy into fat-reducing creams and miracle diet pills, why not listen to what the Creator of the Universe has to say? After all the physiology has not changed that much since the scriptures were written. As Meinz analogizes, if an owner’s manual for a 1931 car was good for that automobile in 1931, then it is still good for that automobile today.

But this is not simply a book about healthy eating. It is a book about trust; trusting that God’s Word is not only infallible but should be followed. Meinz indicates in his closing paragraph, if one combines the wisdom of the Bible with what one has read in this book, one can look forward to a better life even before getting to heaven.

Reviewed by Craig J. O'Connor

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