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September 2020

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2020.

Book Review

Death by Chaos

by Anna Maria Colivicchi

"Death by Chaos" is a compelling novel in which a moment changes four college students’ lives forever. Renaii West’s coming-of-age novel "Death by Chaos" focuses on a four-girl friend group in college in the 1970s. Easygoing Tasha,... Read More

Book Review

Defending Trump

by Benjamin Welton

A testament to the polarization of American political life since 2017, "Defending Trump" is a fun and rigorous look at the many scandals, controversies, and accomplishments of the Trump administration. Stephen Barry and Marc Z.... Read More

Book Review

Elemental Natures

by Mari Carlson

Inviting meditation, the poems of "Elemental Natures" are disturbing and enlightening as they address contemporary American cacophonies. Lance Lee’s retrospective collection of poems, art, and an essay, "Elemental Natures", addresses... Read More

Book Review

Saint Paul Was Not Virgin Born

by Jeremiah Rood

Saint Paul was Not Virgin Born is compelling as it argues for putting Jesus back at the center of Christian life. Military chaplain Ronald Lee Cobb’s Saint Paul was Not Virgin Born is a theological argument for placing less emphasis on... Read More

Book Review

The Iron Labyrinth

by John M. Murray

"The Iron Labyrinth" is a psychological fantasy novel in which a man who’s forced to confront human nature comes to understand the price of pursuing his goals. In Merrilee Beckman’s fantasy novel "The Iron Labyrinth", a man is... Read More

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