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February 1, 2018

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published February 1, 2018. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in February 2018.

Book Review

That Lucky Old Son

by Susan Waggoner

For historians, World War II buffs, and veterans’ families, this book offers a unique take on world events at the micro level. "That Lucky Old Son" is not to be missed. Mark Cote’s moving and richly detailed biography "That Lucky Old... Read More

Book Review


by Matt Sutherland

Ooooh, baby, the gloves are off. In "Radioapocrypha", BK Fischer has done imagined Jesus Christ as a buff chemistry teacher in Maryland in 1989. Does she not fear bolts of lightning? The author of two other superb collections, Mutiny... Read More

Book Review

The Postwoman

by Felicia Topp

A World War II heroine is brought to life in this humane, fast-moving historical novel. Michael Kenneth Smith’s riveting World War II novel "The Postwoman" is based on the life of Andrée De Jongh, who worked to help downed Allied... Read More

Book Review

Welcome to the Anthropocene

by Matt Sutherland

Because the universe is big and all but incomprehensible, the average Jills and Joes don’t dare ask too many existential questions. It is left to poets to face the truth in those places the rest of us fear to tread. The author of... Read More

Book Review

Monster Cake

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Mixing just enough moldy-muck and goop-gas to bake a tasty cake, two friends wonder at the magic that turns four fourths into one full cup. Their lively banter and frantic measuring make fractional math fun and accessible. Adorably... Read More

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