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June 2016

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published June 2016.

Book Review

The Grove

by Laura Leavitt

"The Grove" is an entertaining middle grade mystery set in an era of adolescent freedom. Robert John Percy’s middle grade mystery novel "The Grove" is full of friendship and adventure, capturing a period when preteens had free rein in... Read More

Book Review

Counter-Zombie Warfare

by John M. Murray

"Counter-Zombie Warfare" enlivens the undead genre by focusing on the elite squad tasked with squashing the zombie outbreak before it begins. Jason A. Beauchemin’s "Counter-Zombie Warfare" is an all-too-realistic take on the zombie... Read More

Book Review

The Moonshine Wars

by Felicia Topp

These pages are filled with characters fighting poverty with industriousness and battling discrimination with colorblind friendships. Set amid the wide-ranging history of the American South and its traditions of bootlegging and white... Read More

Book Review

Divine Principles

by Kristine Morris

Ken Ungerecht’s "Divine Principles" finds evidence for the premise that we are not here by chance. Ken Ungerecht’s "Divine Principles" is an urgent call to bridge the gap between science and spirituality in order to find solutions to... Read More

Book Review

A Fine How Do You Do

by Jade Belzberg

This light and readable novel is full of eccentric and charming characters. "A Fine How Do You Do" by Patty Dickson follows a devoted husband of forty years as he abandons his Pennsylvania hometown and takes up residence in a quaint,... Read More

Book Review

A Stalker's Journey

by Robert Foreman

This is a disturbing thriller likely to appeal to readers of horror and crime fiction. The stalker in A Stalker’s Journey, a troubling novel by John C. Lukegord, is Curtis Ware, an antihero who struggles against the world at large and... Read More

Book Review

Let Love Be My Judge

by Claire Foster

This spicy romance offers a mature appreciation of love’s many opportunities, passions, and adventures. What sweetens a romance—A beautiful location? A lusty lover? Marion Catterall’s frisky novel "Let Love Be My Judge" explores... Read More

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