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August 2011

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published August 2011.

Book Review

The Non-Silence of the LAMB

by Mark McLaughlin

“Having kids was her survival tool,” writes Luke A. M. Brown and Berthalicia Fonseca-Brown of Essie, the main character in their novel about a poor Jamaican woman who uses her physical beauty and cunning sexual wiles to build and... Read More

Book Review

The Blossom and the Musket

by Mark McLaughlin

"The Blossom and the Musket" is a traditional Western, although it is set in New Zealand and the battle is between militia and Maoris in the mid-nineteenth century. While a bit more exotic than the Great Plains of the United States, the... Read More

Book Review


by Jeannine Chartier Hanscom

An appealing young adult novel, "Wildfire!" follows thirteen-year-old Buddy as he spends a memorable summer with the grandfather he barely knows. Past hurts, misconceptions, and even a dangerous forest fire are a few of the obstacles... Read More

Book Review

Louisa Blue

by Sheila M. Trask

Grab a pen and paper before reading Jeanie Doyle Singler’s third mystery novel, "Louisa Blue", because it will be helpful to take notes on the action, as this investigation into an unsolved murder grows more complex with each turning... Read More

Book Review

Poetically Correct

by Lisa Bower

What is politically correct or incorrect depends upon the audience and society as a whole. Ciera S. Louise’s poetry collection, "Poetically Correct", is full of bold poems that critique the skeletons in humanity’s closet. Spanning... Read More

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