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April 2010

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 2010.

Book Review

The Crow Farm Cookbook

by Rachel Jagareski

It took a trek to Nepal to bring Californian Catherine Manz and Kentucky native John Smith together, but the pair wed and began a life together on a small farm in rural Oregon. "The Crow Farm Cookbook" is an expanded second edition of... Read More

Book Review

Clouds, Rain

by Colby Cedar Smith

Emotions of loss and images of aging echo throughout most of the poems in "Clouds, Rain" by Maria Maris. Although the collection is eclectic and sometimes repetitive, a strong voice and visceral language strengthen this beautifully... Read More

Book Review

Unintelligent Humans

by John Michael Senger

Unintelligent Humans: Questions to Stimulate Your Soul, by Richard Singer, Jr., a psychotherapist, is a small book containing barely fifty-six pages, the first twenty-one of which collect short questions and drawings designed to... Read More

Book Review

A Suit of Nettles

by Paul Franz

The title of James Reaney’s (1926-2008) book-length poem cycle, "A Suit of Nettles", may ring a bell. Some may recall its acclaimed first publication in 1958; others will have read excerpts in the recent Essential James Reaney, also... Read More

Book Review


by Catherine Thureson

There’s a reason why quilts are considered heirlooms. These beautiful pieces of folk art seem to speak of history and family through every stitch. Quilt designs range from very simple to impossibly complex and making the decision to... Read More

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