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September 2009

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2009.

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Adam's Gene and the Mitochondrial Eve

The lengthy subtitle of Adam’s Gene may cause readers to approach the book warily and with possible scorn. But those who dare to open the cover will soon discover that Dr. Ahamed V.P. Kutty has meticulously researched subjects... Read More

Book Review

The Twitch

Kevin doesn’t get much sympathy for his strange symptoms, especially from his former girlfriend, Jane. What would you say if someone else told you they had a twitch and couldn’t do the shopping—you’d laugh and say it was... Read More

Book Review

Back + Forth

The rise of graphic forms in recent years has brought visual art to the centre of contemporary literary criticism. Stepping into the fray with her wordless novel Back + Forth: A Novel in 90 Linocuts Polish-Canadian Marta Chudolinska... Read More

Book Review


Although many smokers say that they want to quit, they might lack the motivation to actually do it. Smokers who have quit can cite specific reasons why they were successful. Jack Klugman, the well-known actor, explains this well in the... Read More

Book Review

Gifts 2

This sequel to the award-winning Gifts: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives offers comfort, hope, and inspiration to families and the wider community in a way that no scholarly document ever could; it... Read More

Book Review

Lucia's Survival Guide and Cookbook

We all like to think that our mothers are saints, but when Lucille Campilongo’s children called her Santa Lucia, they made sure the rest of the world could learn how and why. The children recently published this book from a survival... Read More

Book Review

Through Travel and Error

To someone who’s never ventured beyond their homeland, the world outside can seem like a very scary and unforgiving place. At least that’s how it seemed to Matt Hamilton before he embarked on his two-year journey to parts unknown.... Read More

Book Review

When Pigs Fly

“George Ashe sat in the passenger seat, inside the ceramic urn still protected by the FedEx box,” Bob Sanchez writes in a line that is typical of the humor in his latest novel. "When Pigs Fly" tells the story of Mack Durgin, a former... Read More

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