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201 Reasons to Quit

Although many smokers say that they want to quit, they might lack the motivation to actually do it. Smokers who have quit can cite specific reasons why they were successful. Jack Klugman, the well-known actor, explains this well in the foreword, describing his own personal struggle with tobacco addiction and how he dealt with its consequences. He warns others to not wait, as he did, until their situation becomes dire, and urges them to find motives to quit sooner.

This self-help book identifies 201 compelling reasons for smokers to quit. The author, Muriel L. Crawford, an attorney and author of life and health insurance textbooks, provides information about the health risks, tobacco addiction, economic costs, and the many quality-of-life issues related to smoking. It is nicely organized by subject matter in an easy-to-find chapter format. There is also a handy index at the end of the book.

Crawford goes beyond the typical messages for tobacco addiction treatment and covers each topic in some depth. She explains “the why” for each reason, backing it up with pertinent data. The author was thorough and the list of reasons is impressive. While the book was compiled with the assistance and expertise of a Medical Advisory panel, technical medical jargon is relatively scarce, and the book is accessible to most.

The information compiled here is not only useful for cigarette smokers, but also relevant for people addicted to other tobacco products such as cigars, pipes, hookahs, and chewing tobacco. But as the author states in her disclaimer, “This book contains information that is current only up to the printing date;” therefore, newer tobacco products like “orbs,” “nicotine sticks,” and “e-cigarettes” recently released into the global market are not included in this publication.

The book includes information for non-smokers, too, like about secondhand smoke and how to help a smoker quit. It would also be valuable tool for health and mental health professionals looking for ideas to help motivate people to quit. As a registered nurse and nationally certified tobacco addiction specialist, even this reviewer learned a few new things from this book that will be incorporated into future smoking cessation classes.

Review Date: December 2009.

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