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September 2009

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2009.

Book Review

Inside the Fire

by Barry Silverstein

The typical memoir about rock bands takes a fairly predictable approach, focusing on the wildly hedonistic actions of the band members, including liberal doses of sex and drugs. Douglas Cameron’s "Inside the Fire" is different in that... Read More

Book Review

The Black House

by Melissa Wuske

Curtis R. Cochran crafts a work of prophetic historical fiction in his novel "The Black House". The story begins at the end of 1982, with the first chapter introducing October, “a young man in his early thirties reach[ing] out for the... Read More

Book Review

Welcome to Miami, Doctor Leal

by Michael Beeman

Cuban-American Dr. Otto Leal’s return from Sweden to his home city of Miami is doomed before it begins. Things are already bad enough for the doctor. His brother, Samuelito, has died under mysterious circumstances, prompting this... Read More

Book Review

The Missing Bullet

by Pat Avery

Thirteen-year-old Jason must save his mother after he finds her with a gun in her hand and his dad lying in bed covered with blood. When he hears her screams and rushes to his parents’ bedroom, she is still clicking the empty gun.... Read More

Book Review

Little Squirt

by Jada Bradley

"Little Squirt" is a classic underdog story in which the action takes place in the water. Seymour is a baby whale (calf) who is not able to spray as high as his peers. Seymour has two weeks before the spouting contest and he wants to be... Read More

Book Review


by Lee Gooden

"Awakenings", a novel based on a role-playing game developed by the author, begins with a long prologue in which a fierce mêlée rages between a group of heroes and ferocious monsters controlled by a practitioner of dark magic. This... Read More

Book Review

The Manuscript

by Julia Ann Charpentier

A child never understands why a father walks out, even in a conflict-ridden home. The loss and betrayal often haunts the individual into adulthood, especially if the parent is never seen again. Abandonment embeds a long-lasting pain that... Read More

Book Review

Short Circus

by Catherine Reed-Thureson

When Jem Lockwood is faced with writing a composition about how he spent his summer vacation, he tells his teacher he could write a book. Much to his surprise, she agrees with him, and so for one whole semester he writes about the... Read More

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