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September 2009

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2009.

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Book Review


by Claire Rudy Foster

Men and women, mothers and daughters, love and disappointment—"Templates" gives a human heart to universal themes by focusing on the unlikely friendship between Sara and Cindy, two mothers at different stages in their lives. Sara, a... Read More

Book Review

Escape from Paradise

by Jill Allen

Walter F. Wild, a native of Hawaii and former psychologist, gives new meaning to the phrase “trouble in paradise” with his second book and first novel, "Escape from Paradise". Who would want to leave the lush paradise of Oahu? Does... Read More

Book Review

Voice of Conscience

by Whitney Hallberg

In rural Turkey in the 1960s, during the week-long marriage celebration of a young couple, the bride and her parents become the victims of revenge killings. With the help of his aunt and uncle, the girl’s teenage brother escapes,... Read More

Book Review

Hunting Marfa Lights

by Julia Ann Charpentier

Mysterious and elusive, the nocturnal lights that appear near Marfa, a small town in West Texas, have fascinated scientists seeking explanations for these strange phenomena. Native Americans believed they were fallen stars, but... Read More

Book Review

The Works - Shallow Waters

The poems in this collection date as far back as 1941, offering glimpses into the author’s mind across generations. Many are titled simply with the date when they were written, and they peer closely into the poet’s thoughts and... Read More

Book Review

The Happy Body

by Linda Salisbury

For baby boomers who yearn for good health in their golden years, two world champion weightlifters have a recipe for success with their Happy Body program. Aniela and Jerzy Gregorek, both champion athletes and life coaches, share their... Read More

Book Review

The Corruption of Zachary R.

Reading about the madness of a fictional character is one thing, but author Douglas Richardson takes us right into the whirlpool of insanity in this strange and squirmy novel, "The Corruption of Zachary R." The evolution of madness can... Read More

Book Review

Old Blood

John Reece’s "Old Blood" starts off with murdered angelsÂ…or at least that’s what they seem to be. In cities around the world, murder victims appear as if they fell from the sky. All beautiful and in top physical condition, they... Read More

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