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August 2009

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published August 2009.

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Portrait of Deadly Excess

When NYC artist, Daniel Kane, says, “I want to become one with my art—bleed inside the paint, live inside the canvass,” he wants people to believe he can literally transfer “flesh to paint and back to flesh.” It’s a... Read More

Book Review

This Is The Red Door

Winner of the Ironweed Press Poetry Prize and one of two collections released by Whitley in 2009, This Is the Red Door is elegiac and meditative. While it takes up residence in the psyche, the book is equally grounded in the material of... Read More

Book Review

The Field of Being

Each individual has a fairly good idea about the nature of his or her own consciousness. Beyond that, however, answers to questions about what it is, where it originates, and whether or not it connects us all remain open to speculation.... Read More

Book Review

How to Create Real Wealth

In uncertain economic times, the focus for many individuals and families is day-to-day survival and fear of what the future holds. Author, talk show host, and motivational speaker Shamarion Whitaker understands these concerns, and she... Read More

Book Review

Triumviate of the Damned

Shawna Ryan expertly juxtaposes the supernatural genre with historical fiction in the concluding volume of her Destiny’s Damned trilogy. Triumvirate of the Damned is a multi-layered story that surpasses the predictable formulaic... Read More

Book Review

How Can YOU Play Drums?

While most parents are proud of their children, John Caro has special reason to brag about his second-youngest son, Danny. At the age of two, Danny was involved in a freak accident and experienced third-degree burns over most of his... Read More

Book Review

Without One Plea

Imagine a world where two people in love must hide their relationship, even from their best friends and family members, may never speak of their love except behind closed doors, must refrain from expressing affection for their beloved in... Read More

Book Review

Lost Love Found

Tim Gomes’s "Lost Love Found" is billed as a romance, and it certainly is, but it is also a bit of crime thriller, carrying a strong thread of intrigue. It’s been two years since Dan Jagger’s wife died when Flight 93 crashed in... Read More

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