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August 2007

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published August 2007.

Book Review

Farewell the Dragon

by Liam Brennan

Drawing on his experience from the three years he spent teaching in China, author Lee Barckman offers this compelling tale about Nathan Schuett, also a teacher living in China, who believes there surely must be more to life than what he... Read More

Book Review

Having Nasal Surgery?

In July 1997 shortly before going away to college Chris Martin underwent surgery to remove turbinate tissue from both sides of his nose. An ENT doctor had recommended the procedure called a bilateral turbinectomy to relieve the chronic... Read More

Book Review

Business Development

"Business Development" is one of those rare books that wastes little time in getting to the point: helping people make sense of United States Government Contracting. The goal of the book is “to assist those of you wanting to take that... Read More

Book Review

My Moments of Hope

“Poetry became my escape,” the author writes. “It became my way of expressing how Parkinson’s affected my life. It eventually became a safe way of communicating my feelings to the world that otherwise would have been left... Read More

Book Review


“It was a time when cultures were colliding and destiny intertwined the lives of men together in unique complex patterns of life” Garcia writes. In this detailed novel which takes place in mid-nineteenth-century America Josh Taylor... Read More

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