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September 2005

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2005.

Book Review

The After-Death History of My Mother

by Erica Wright

The first poem of this collection ends with the line “Hence, my confusion,” a witty rejoinder to the prose poem that contains it and an apt introduction to everything that follows. As the title suggests, the poet’s quest is... Read More

Book Review

Fools Rush In-Where Angels...

Jeff Wes Lou and Wayne are four men of varying ages and strangers to each other. Two of them are married one is widowed another lives with his mother but they all have unsatisfied “needs” and the misfortune to seek out some X-rated... Read More

Book Review

Seizing the Poem in the Wonder of the Now

Too often spiritual poetry is so much card sentiment and stale repetition of religious dogma with little original thought or feeling. Poet Roger R. Mahaney rips away this curtain of ennui in his vibrant work "Seizing the Poem in the... Read More

Book Review


Snickerdoodle the nephew of Yankee Doodle and the cousin of Polly Wolly Doodle is tiny enough to drive a motorized peanut brave enough to fight a tiger and clever enough to conquer a dragon by tickling him with a feather making him weak... Read More

Book Review

Quantum Prophet

It is 2019 and global warming has suddenly become more than a political football. The ozone layer is evaporating at an unprecedented rate the polar icecaps are melting and earthquakes are rocking the planet. Scientists are at a loss to... Read More

Book Review

Let's Eat Out!

Eat Out Eat Safe “Knowledge is power” write authors Koeller and La France in this collection of ideas for eating in restaurants despite dietary restrictions brought on by allergies. Each author brings an important perspective to this... Read More

Book Review

Tink Wilson

Jim Bouton’s classic Ball Four shook up the sport of baseball as no book since has ever been able to do — until now. "Tink Wilson" just may be the Ball Four for our times although the setting is the pivotal year of 1963. The book... Read More

Book Review

Art for Travellers Greece

by Rob Mitchell

Over a century ago the Parthenon lost its marbles to Britain’s Lord Elgin. Today, as the fumes of modern Athens work to complete the destruction, the ancient ruins remain the essential starting point for an art lover’s tour of... Read More

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