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Bone Fires

There are many charms in reading a writer’s selected poems, not least of which is perspective. The reader feels like an airplane passenger watching one landscape turn into... Read More

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67 Mixed Messages

In this volume, the author adds a new name to the catalogue of women immortalized in poetry. In response to Homer’s Helen and Shakespeare’s wired-haired mistress, Allen... Read More

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This is an appropriate poet to carry on the tradition of Walt Whitman. The poems in this first collection may not contain “barbaric yawps,” but they certainly speak... Read More

Book Review


This poet gets right to the point in her latest collection. The first poem begins, “I am translating the world,” an ambitious goal, to say the least, but also an ars poetica... Read More

Book Review


There is an appropriate sense of wonder in Keith Harvey’s debut collection of poems "Petroglyphs". In line after line the poet appears to be discovering the world anew and... Read More

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State of the Union

Beckman and Zapruder have tackled perhaps the largest taboo in American letters: the political poem. This genre is often dismissed as didactic or worse, un-poetic, but "State of... Read More

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Sidney Wade could easily be speaking of herself when she writes about a turtle that “precisely / balances her load / of hungry bone on / four dactylic feet.” These lines end... Read More

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