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April 2004

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 2004.

Book Review

The Labyrinth of Vukovar

by Allison Butler

This beautifully written and complex story follows decades of historical turmoil. "The Labyrinth of Vukovar" by Blanka Raguz is a heart-wrenching book that explores love, loss, education, dreams, and friendship during modern times of war... Read More

Book Review

Mal de Fantasma

It’s hard enough for a teenage girl to bear the embarrassment of having been abandoned by her mother and having to help care for a younger sister. Then, when Papa insists that they move to join his family in a little town in Arizona... Read More

Book Review

Back From Betrayal

by Allison Block

In 1967, the author and her husband exchanged wedding vows, promising to love one another “till death do us part.” After more than thirty years together, Suzy suspects Burton of being unfaithful, but is determined not to let their... Read More

Book Review

We Share One World

by Adrienne Petterson

Finding peace nowadays seems more difficult than ever. Books like this one, which teaches young children about different peoples and cultures around the world, take a positive step in the direction of peace. The author’s gentle poem is... Read More

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