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June 2001

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published June 2001.

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Book Review

Uncle Sean

by John R. Selig

As a barn on a deserted farm in Southwest New Mexico is torn down, an old box sealed with disintegrating duct tape drops to the barn’s floor. The thirty-year-old contents-a Big Chief Tablet, a letter, dog tags from the Vietnam War, and... Read More

Book Review

Chelsea's New Home

by Peggy Beck

Chelsea Fish wants more in life than an artificial pond in the window of a flower store called The Magic Garden. Her friends refuse to join her as she “follows [her] heart’s dream to roam.” With a little suspension of disbelief,... Read More

Book Review


by Karl Helicher

The execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in 1953 for passing atomic secrets to the Soviet Union traumatized the Communist American Left as much as the assassination of President Kennedy devastated the country ten years later.... Read More

Book Review

Children of Pithiviers

by Elizabeth Millard

Writing in an elegant style about dark topics, the author invents a shadowy world, in which a sunny summer in 1950s France isn’t quite as idyllic as it might sound. The narrator of this tale is eighteen-year-old Diedre, an American who... Read More

Book Review

From Now On with Passion

In a recent study, the L’Oreal company found that salespeople selected on the basis of emotional competence sold $91,370 more per year than other salespeople did. That’s just one of the facts the author uses to convince readers of... Read More

Book Review

Taming Your Inner Brat

by Judy Hopkins

Nothing surpasses the effectiveness of a metaphor for burning an image into the brain. An excellent way to appeal to a visual generation of self-help readers is to use the concept of an ?inner brat,? to describe the irrational force... Read More

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